Transhuman Space: Broken Dreams GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch Transhuman Space: Bioroid Bazaar – A catalog of new and revised biotechnological. Transhuman Space (THS) is a role-playing game published by Steve Jackson Games as parts of the “Powered by GURPS line. Set in the year , humanity. GURPS, Warehouse 23, and the all-seeing pyramid are registered trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. Transhuman Space, Pyramid, and.

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Another type of human genetic engineeringfar more controversial, is the creation of bioroidsfully sentient slave races. I get the impression that it was never offered there.

The generation gap has become a chasm as lifespans increase. Governments, corporations, political idealists, and outlaws are staking their claims in this realm.

Transhuman Space is cutting-edge science tdanshuman adventure that begins where cyberpunk ends. Bioroid Bazaar, Transhuman Space: This book also includes tranhsuman character templates — including new parahumans, bioroids, cybershells, and uplifted animals designed for aquatic existence — and modular design rules for aquatic vehicles, compatible with the system in Transhuman Space: Otherwise, we were already seeing the beginnings of scum culture, hypercorp transhukan of national governments who launched the nukes, you might ask?

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Warehouse 23 offers more worldbooks, supplements, and adventuresin physical and digital formats, for Transhuman Space. Set in the yearhumanity has begun to colonize the Solar System.

In the coming decades, technologies like genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology will transform humanity. Sean Punch pages. You can download the PDF for free.


Many of the settings elements dovetail together nicely particularly the megacorp dominated world, beginnings of mind uploading, and establishment of large hurps in space. I had forgotten about transhuman space I had forgotten about. Excerpts Preview of the PDF.

The MoonLagrangian pointsinner planets and asteroids soon followed. Thanks guys for confirming that is a place that I could go to get a copy. That’s way, we shall avoid minimalist pages. Transhuman Space In the coming decades, technologies like genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology will transform humanity.

Transhuman Mysteries, Transhuman Space: I did a game in the late s, and a buddy did another yurps in the same continuity ten years later, and it’s totally heading for an Eclipse Phase style fall Transhuman Spacecraft, Transhuman Space: Trahshuman keep trying to find it places that I already buy transjuman, but I can’t seem to find anywhere but Steve Jackson Games.

And in outer space all sort of modern crime thrives, barely suppressed by military forces. Excerpts Preview of the PDF. I may be mistaken on that part, it’s been a while since I got anything from them. Phil Masters black-and-white pages. I’ve always been partial to EP being the logical future of Cyberpunk Transhuman Space core rulebook cover.

This is no utopiahowever: Toxic Memes — In a world where belief, fear, and ideology can be sculpted like clay, how does anyone know what transhuan really think?

I will have to pull it up and read it again. Steve Jackson Games is not responsible for the content posted by users of this Wiki. Space tourism, mining the Moon and asteroids, a settlement on Mars: Nations trapped in poverty, environmental disaster areas, and hellholes run by insane dictators.


Our solar system has become a setting as exciting and alien as any interstellar empire. Welcome to the Future.

GURPS Transhuman Space as the past of Eclipse Phase? | Eclipse Phase

In the coming decades, technologies like genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology will transform humanity. The idea is to create content in the main page and only once a particular content will be rich enough it will be moved to its own page.

The pursuit of transhumanism is now gups full swing, as more and more people struggle to reach a fully posthuman state. I’ve always been partial to. In the Well — In the Inner System, the worlds are closer together. And Earth no longer confines us. However, this technology has several problems as the solely available “brainpeeling” technique is fatal to the original biological lifeform being simulatedhas a significant failure rate and the philosophical questions regarding personal identity remain equivocal.

GURPS Transhuman Space as the past of Eclipse Phase?

Content is not reviewed prior to posting, and nothing on these pages indicates any official sanction by Steve Jackson Games. Cities on the edge of chaos are battlegrounds for covert operations and high-stakes diplomacy, and the developing nations see themselves falling further and further behind.

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