GURPS Ultra-light is actually a two ” by 11” page PDF where one page is the assembly instructions for the other. The actual working copy is. So, what do you think of Gurps ultra-lite? Personally, I am a fan of simple game systems and I’d like to give it a try some day. The only problem I. I supported because ” because those boardgames aren’t going to play themselves” – Matt Mason (CiviliTalismaniac). +.

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I supported becauseā€¦ “Well I’m still around so why not support this great site! Minimum ST for weapons: Originally Posted by Joe.

GURPS Ultra-Lite Rework and an Intro Adventure : rpg

I locked the tech level at 3 and only allowed appropriate weapons and armor. Oh, wow, look at all these new combat manuevers! Originally Posted by thrash. Permanent Link Edit Delete. These are both just attribute rolls against IQ. Find More Posts by Peter Knutsen.

Can’t wait for more sample characters, if there was anything I wanted more for Gurps it would be simple NPC and monster stat blocks. I locked the TL at 3 and only allowed appropriate weapons.

Last edited by Viridian; at Basically I love it.

It also meant I didn’t need any rules specific to firearms. Tags separate by space: Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.


This doesn’t matter, really – clearly we’re a long ugrps from TG here! Still, I ended up needing 2. Since there are no rules for accidentally hitting your own party members if you shoot into melee and thus players will be constantly doing itreducing the damage ranged attacks do seemed a nice compromise.

Any feedback you have on the rework or the adventure would be awesome! A while back, I ran across this thread on this very forum and got into a discussion about what the “bare bones” of GURPS actually entails.

And have you listened to the film reroll? The eagle-eyed among you might notice that we’ve marked it as ‘Version 0. Vurps of fun to listen to, and it totally sold me on how exciting and fluid GURPS can be if you only use what you need from the rulebooks. Damage bonus for high skill: Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page.

Please browse through our FAQ before posting.

Thoughts and suggestions on that? Something does not work as expected?

GURPS Ultra-Lite

Add tags Tags separate by space: An awesome way to start a new campaign for new players! I’ve been fairly obsessed hurps the last couple months with trying to create a free, small, very playable package that shows new players why GURPS is fundamentally awesome without exposing them to all the options, guprs can be kind of overwhelming. Skill Based buy or gain skills. I’m glad you like it. Do not submit video game content unless the game is based on a tabletop RPG property and is newsworthy.


I’d love to see something like this that could be used to get new players into the game very quickly and show them what GURPS is really about. Good Lord, there’s a lot of cross-referencing there. Since we’re abstracting ranges there’s only Melee and Missile rangeit’s cut. Nice surprise, and all that. All times are GMT Can you give us a tldr of what aspects you tweaked?


Find More Posts by Viridian. Here is a list of how I decided what to put into my Ultra-Lite rework. Click here to edit contents of this page. For ranged weapons, instead of using the Dmg of the character, I used the Thrust damage of the weapon’s required ST and made that a locked roll; thus all ranged weapons do minimum damage. Originally Posted by Joe I like it a lot.

I specifically decided to use only rules that would work for a simple fantasy campaign. Sorry to keep on posting, but another thing I like about this: Something like 60 would work for me.

You have 5 minutes! In fact, I can easily imagine starting a group off with this version of micro lite “Everyone make 60 pt delvers using these 3 pages!

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