In American football the air raid offense refers to an offensive scheme popularized by such coaches as Mike Leach, Hal Mumme, Sonny Dykes, and Tony. Hal Mumme is in his fourth season as the Belhaven University head coach. In his first three seasons with the Blazers, Mumme’s Air Raid Offense has helped set. The Memphis Express announced Hal Mumme will serve as the team’s offensive coordinator in its inaugural season.

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Neither one of them gave a damn about college football’s hallowed traditions. Some of the concepts such as the shallow cross route were incorporated into such offenses as the West Coast offense during the early s as well, prominently under Mike Shanahan while he was the mumm coach of the Denver Broncos.

Curious football minds have come from all across the region to scribble down his secrets. He enjoys the simplicity of working small miracles.

Air raid offense

Bump and run Double Zone. They’re idiots,” Mumme says. He told Aransas and every team that would interview him that he had no use for three yards and a cloud of dust. Well before Gus Malzahn and Chip Kelly were riding their wide splits and hurry-up offenses all the way to the BCS championship game, Mumme and Leach were running the concept on a small practice field in Mount Pleasant, Iowa.

ESPN 0 0 0. Not everybody had to change, but some of us sure did. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.


This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat The New York Times. I once called this 53 consecutive times in a game.

Hal Mumme’s Air Raid Offense 3-Pack

Another version of four verticals is Y-Sail, which is run out of several sets. Add mmume Wish List. Why the heck did a godfather of modern college football coaching, a man with a career record of through Week 2, just take a gig at an NAIA school that went last year and plays its home games in a high school stadium?

Mumme grew up in San Offense, and he says that knowing his reverence of this place is the best way to understand him. Then he drastically widened the splits of his offensive line — a radical idea at the time.

They could have easily run. Spreading the field horizontally and vertically must be understood before getting into this offensive attack. This Coupon Expires at midnight on January 03, But their most radical idea was the one that still pisses off football’s traditionalists — Nick Saban included. This is the story of how the cost of the defection journey – in money and human lives – shadows him still. When Mumme asked them why, they ofense him football wasn’t fun.

Learn The Air Raid System from Hal Mumme

That sometimes confuses players now more than the offenwe does, because most teams have three and four wideouts just like we do. But coach Bill Curry had him splitting time and running the option.


Coach Mumme’s offensive game plan has turned around football programs at all levels. How do you beat that? A segment of quick screens is another important part of the practice routine. Byhe had climbed another rung up the coaching ladder when he joined UTEP as offensive coordinator at the age of just Pffense the team startedCurry was fired. He broke out his BYU film and promised the kids at Copperas Cove that “we were going to take what LaVell was doing and put it on steroids.

He covers the alignment and blocking technique for the Iso and the Iso Flipset.

Why Nick Saban and college football are afraid of Hal Mumme

Few speeches in sports are more tone-deaf than those that compare football to combat. Coach Mumme starts with warm-up drills. Inside receivers mummme taught to take an outside release and occupy defenders.

Leach then offenee as offensive coordinator at the University of Oklahoma in before landing the head coaching job at Texas Tech. This article needs additional citations for verification. One-on-one passing versus defensive backs and the inside drill are valued drills within this offensive attack.

But we all had question marks. He believed artistry would emerge naturally from the simplicity, not the complexity, of his playbook.

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