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Die folgende Tabelle fasst die Vorteile der vorliegenden Erfindung relativ zum Stand der Technik zum Vergleich zusammen. The same addition process is performed up to the last ten four stages of the circuit groups 7 and 8. A further advantage is that, so that only two signal tracks need be provided in the arrangement, apart halbaddiereg the connections between its main array stages, all connections are local, no matter how large it is scaled.

Rapid single-flux-quantum logic circuit and rapid single-flux-quantum output conversion circuit. Compressors in levels 2 and 3 operate in a similar manner.

address adder | Übersetzung Englisch-Deutsch

All of these disclosed multiplication circuits illustrate the basic layout irregularity that is characteristic of tree multiplier architectures. These replace pairs of successive full-adders, but have a delay of only about 1.

The asymmetric compressors are used whenever not all of its inputs are available at the same time. Multiplier with balanced signal propagation delays to minimize disruptive transitions are also relevant.

In In 7 7 liegen der m-Bit-Multiplikand [a m-1 a m The multiplier from Hekstra type is not well known and was generally ignored. Because the structure is tree-like, it is difficult to get into a rectangular shape. It also generates a partial sum for a compressor level 2 in the same tree as themselves.

Compound operators formed by the ARC adders have different signal path length in a function of the input port of the ARC adders. Another rule that is followed for the optimization of the circuit is to make C out of C in independent. The widths of the cells vary according to the number of wiring paths that need to receive them.

In order to compare the different circuits, we assume unit delays with delays of one unit for an inverting gate, 2 units for a non-inverting gate and 2 units for an exclusive-OR or NOT exclusive OR gate on.


Different cells have different numbers of crossing tracks for wires to pass through depending on their position in the line of cells, with the later cells tending to require more tracks.

Therefore, the present invention is primarily based on the object to provide a matrix multiplier, the processing speed can be increased by the number of successive adding steps can be reduced at each position, substantially the same circuit pattern as in the multiplier according to the prior USAGE art to be det.

More detailed description of the symmetric and asymmetric compressors will be provided below with reference to Figs.

One full adder can optionally be present in each subarray path, as it is in Figs. For example, the embodiment of the present invention shown in Fig. This is one aspect of its regularity and hence its small circuit area.

These carry outputs represent the presence of halbadcierer or more is in the input pattern. The main array stages consist of two rows of full adders in a four-to-two reductor configuration. It can be seen that the structure of the prior art, a full binary tree, that is, a Wallace-tree, wherein each full adder F in an initial level of adders level 0a set of partial products 13, typically three per adder, processed to produce a partial sum.

To generate Cout takes 2 unit delays. Accordingly, where space is not at a premium, tree architectures have become the design of choice. Another factor is layout area and regularity. The multiplier is the slowest part of a halbaddieger signal processor, so any improvement in the speed of the multiplier will improve the overall speed of the processor. Alle Hauptmatrixkomprimierer sind vom symmetrischen Typ.

In this way, each tree reduced partial products the same significance level along with carries from Summierbaum with the next lower order to a final total and an end-around carry.

File:Volladdierer Aufbau HA DINsvg – Wikimedia Commons

The particular circuit shown in Fig. Frequency division circuit for non-integer divisors after the manner of a rate multiplier.

The subarrays consist of rows of full adders together with the partial product generators. The transfer folladdierer partial sums to the next level is indicated by the arrows between cells.

In particular, each signal path through any of the subarrays and through the main array has been constructed so that it presents the same number of compressor circuits as all other signal paths. Spectral transforms for large boolean functions with applications to technology mapping. Adder-rounder circuitry for specialized processing block in programmable logic device. Note the subtraction in the most significant bit position. Durch die Konstruktion ausgeglichen offset by the construction.


Thus, the slowest incoming signals at the inputs can be provided with a shorter delay I1 and I2 while the earlier incoming signals to the inputs can be supplied with a longer delay I3 and I4. The problem this Wallace tree adding structure solves relates to the fact that there are more partial product bits of middle bit significance to be summed than there are partial product bits of high or low bit significance.

Tree architectures also tend to be very irregular in their layout. The multiplication circuit of claim 1 wherein each cell of a subarray stage SA n and each cell of a main array stage MS n that receives a total of three partial product inputs and generates a sum term and a carry term comprises a full adder F and a half adder H in sequence.

Stacking arrangement for rectangular and oblong flooring panels in packets has packages of first group and packages of second group which are arranged in vertical direction and horizontal direction. The carry out of half-adder 2C 1 also is connected to bit position 34 of the sum output of main stage MS3. Consequently, tree architectures are faster.


Implementing mixed-precision floating-point operations in a programmable integrated circuit device. Although the present invention as the Hekstra architecture has balanced delays in their propagation paths, they are not balanced like tree architectures inherently balanced, but only by the design with an appropriate choice of sub-matrix sizes.

Additional delay elements could be added where it is necessary to handle a residual imbalance as shown by T. The small rectangular elements with diagonal hatching refer to product term generators.

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