Request PDF on ResearchGate | Fyzika: vysokoškolská učebnice obecné fyziky. Část 1, Mechanika / | Vyd. 1. Reads. Cite this publication. David Halliday. Title, Fyzika Překlady vysokoškolských učebnic. Author, David Halliday. Contributor, Vysoké učení technické v Brně. Edition, 2. Publisher, VUTIUM, Title, Fyzika: část 3: Elektřina a magnetismus. Vysokoškolská učebnice obecné fyziky. Volume 1 of Překlady vysokoškolských učebnic. Authors, David Halliday.

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First, if you simply open the book to a random page, hallixay will encounter either a blend of textual material, pictures and diagrams, or problems, lots of problems. Movement of charged particles in a magnetic field.

The concepts are then reinforced with problem for the student to work out, lots of problem that range from the simple to the more complex. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

Learning outcomes of the course unit.

Doplněk učebnice Halliday,D., Resnick, R., Walker, J.: Fyzika

The author has a very entertaining way of presenting the material and creating examples. I suppose that it is assumed that by the time you reach those concepts you should ‘see’ hal,iday derivations as a matter of common sense. After finishing of the subject student will understand the general principles from mechanics and molecular physics.


It is devoted to the electromagnetic field, electromagnetism, and optics. Halkiday of electromagnetic and mechanical waves in homogeneous and inhomogeneous environment.

Fyziika instructive portion of the text looks more like a flashy High School physics text book rather than a dry but profound undergraduate text sort of like comparing Giancoli with an older Sears, Zemansky, and Young text. Principles and methods of measurement of physical quantities.

Measurement and presentation of physical quantities. Forces in curvilinear motion. Method of least squares.

Work, energy and power. As a result, there are few areas were one can find a clear mathematical derivation from basic first principle relation to the more abstract expressions. Broaden their knowledge of physical quantities and physical unit transformations. The required text in my college physics class was extremely unclear, so I asked my professor what his favorite text was.

Control Systems in Production Engineering – bachelor required2.

Course syllabus TB – Introduction to Technical Physics (TF – SS /)

Law of propagation of errors. Is this feature helpful? Gauss’s law hallivay electrostatics and its applications. Electrostatic field of charged conductors.


The angle between two planes. Excellent book for content.

Hallifay conduction mechanisms in solids. Fundamentals of Physics, Volume 2 Chapters 21 – 4410th Edition. So far, I have not been able to work all of the odd numbered problems answers included in any of the later chapters of the text, but I still feel that I am mastering the basics of the material.

Fyzikální webové stránky – webFyzika

Name of lecturer s: Personal data processing information. Electric current, equation of continuity. Hamilton Distinguished Professor of Science Education, Stationary and non-stationary magnetic field. Motion in the plane. Evaluation of course unit:

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