Cross-Cultural Themes Series. Author, Peter T. Furst. Edition, illustrated, reprint. Publisher, Chandler & Sharp, ISBN, , Hallucinogens and Culture has 34 ratings and 1 review. Blair said: A guy who works at Loui’s gave me this book when he saw I was reading Terence McKenna . HALLUCINOGENS AND CULTURE by PETER T. FURST. San. Francisco: Chandler & Sharp Publishers, Inc., pp. $ Reviewed by William.

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Indeed, this act of ritual cannibalism reminded some of the early Spaniards so uncomfortably of the rite of the Eucharist that they tried to explain it away as vile distortion of Christian communion by the Devil himself! Simple or complex, however, the manufacture of the pipe never was solely a matter of technology.

There are many historical reasons for this difference, halluciogens one that hallucinogend be stressed is that prior to European colonization the New World as a whole never knew the intolerant fanaticism that is the hallmark of some of the major Old World religions, particularly Christianity and Islam, both of which massively transformed the areas in which they took hold— although, as we know, four centuries of Spanish Catholicism have failed to eradicate completely all traces of the pre-European past, and were spectacularly unsuccessful in the suppression of the sacred traditional hallucinogens.

Originally thought to be the expression of the survivors’ love and regard for their deceased relative and proof of the high spiritual development of these Neanderthals, the plant remains may actually have also been part of a curing shaman’s medicine kit.

Hallucinogens and Culture by Peter T. Furst

Fernandez points out several important elements in the myth. Yet there seems to have been at least an element of incipient intoxication in shamanistic smoking in many Indian societies of North hallucinogenns South America, and real nad intoxication, to the point of a radical altering of consciousness or psychedelic trance, was certainly of considerable importance in the ecstatic complex of the New World as a whole.

The value of such an intensification in the psychotherapeutic process lies mainly, perhaps, in that clues hxllucinogens the significant issues take more frequently the therapist’s and patient’s attention than they otherwise would, whereas, in the normal situation, much of the time and effort in a therapeutic process may go into cutting through a veil of verbiage and automatisms that form part of the habitual social role.

Schultes has long been the recognized authority on New World hallucinogens, and La Barre is a leading scholar in the anthropology and psychology of religion, author, among other works, of The Peyote Cult,a classic study of the peyote religion of North Haplucinogens Indians.

The study found no indications of organic brain damage or chromosome hallicinogens from long-term chronic use of ganja the folk name for marihuana in Jamaica ; culhure significant psychiatric, psychological or medical differences between chronic smokers and nonsmokers of ganja; and no loss of motivation. At Frightful Cave, the earliest occurrence of Sophora was dated at BC, with a margin of error of only 85 years in either direction. The pipe maker generally makes a black, crooked, conical male pipe that is used in hunting rituals, and a white, straight, conical female pipe which is employed in the Blessing Way ceremony.

Hallcuinogens like all shamans, he will always need tobacco and will experience great physical and psychological distress when tobacco is in short supply. The vision seeker’s shield, bow, quiver, and other belongings were suspended from still more skewers passed through other parts of his body, and in many instances even a heavy bison skull was attached to each arm and leg.


Eboka, ad a Fang story recorded by Fernandez pp. Already greatly weakened from hunger and thirst and four consecutive sleepless days and nights, the candidates had holes pierced hallucinofens knives through the cultkre of their shoulders or breasts.

Preview — Hallucinogens and Culture by Peter T. The second way is to take truly massive doses once or twice in the career of the cult member for the purpose of initiation and to “break open the head” in order to effect contact with the ancestors.

What they seem cupture have objected to primarily— apart from their aversion to any kind of intoxication among their Indian charges— was that Christ was missing from the system; for that reason the supernatural effects could only be explained in terms of the Devil, who unceasingly tried to maintain and enlarge his ancient hold on the native souls whose salvation the Spaniards were convinced was their divine mission. This is all the more extraordinary in that of all the many native hallucinogens only the genus Datura “Jimsonweed” poses so great a physiological risk as does Sophora secundiflora.

This element, together with what we know today of the chemical activity of Nicotiana, justifies assigning tobacco— as fust Indians themselves did— to the psychedelic flora, but with this important difference: A Statistical Question and fursr Ethnological Reply” awhich sought for the first time to account in terms of culture history for the astonishing proliferation of sacred hallucinogens in Indian America.

The latex of Elaeophorbia drupifera is mixed with oil to form eyedrops that seem to affect the optic nerves, producing bizarre visual effects.

Tobacco was and still is smoked by shamans and other participants in shamanic ritual in many different ways— as cigarettes and cigars with wrappings of corn husk or other plant materials, of which some may well have been themselves psycho-active; in cane tubes up to three feet in length; or in tubular or elbow pipes of varying design and of different materials. What is often fuest chewing in the literature should more properly be described as sucking, since the quids prepared of powdered or crumbled tobacco and lime or ashes are not actually chewed but held in the mouth, between the gums and the teeth, and sucked for hours, allowing the juice to trickle down the throat.

Hallucinogens and Culture (Chandler & Sharp series in cross-cultural themes)

It is even possible that kohobba or a closely related word was also applied to intoxicating snuffs based mainly on tobacco. Even for Indian Mexico or Amazonia, whose extensive psychoactive pharmacopoeia has been relatively well studied, we still do not know the identity of every species used in native ritual, prehistorically or at present, nor do we as yet fully understand the pharmacological or cultural role of additives to plants of known or suspected psychoactivity.

Gavril Pasternak and Solomon H. La Barre incorporated the experience into his Ph.

Hallucinogens and Culture – Peter T. Furst – Google Books

On the contrary, when studied in depth as all too few have been, the intellectual cultures of some of the materially least complex peoples— African Bushmen, Australian Aborigines, Arctic or tropical-forest hunters, or the “primitive” preagricultural Indians of California, for example— have been found to rival in metaphysical complexity and poetic imagery some of the world’s great institutionalized religions.

Nor did it have the benefit of a Las Casas crying out for justice for the Indians, or even the painstaking kind of ethnography that is the Mexican legacy of Fray Bernardino de Sahagun, a remarkable sixteenth-century Franciscan who, like a few other churchmen of his time, was blessed with an insatiable and even largely sympathetic curiosity that hallucinogehs him to compile for posterity all he could learn from Aztec informants of the native civilization hallufinogens the Spaniards, himself included, had come to destroy.


Caches of Hallucinoyens seeds and associated artifacts and cultufe paintings reminiscent of the historic red-bean cults of the Southern Plains were found by archaeologists in a frust or more rock shelters in Texas and northern Mexico, often together with another narcotic species, Ungnadia speciosa.

In high doses cytisine is capable of causing nausea, convulsions, hallucinations, and even death from respiratory failure Schultes, a. Both must observe strict rules about handling of their tools and other objects; for example, tools may be passed only between thumb and index finger and in no ballucinogens manner. Significantly, there is not a shred of evidence that this ancient situation was fundamentally affected even by the rise of political and religious bureaucracies, or that it ever occurred to these bureaucracies to exercise police power over the individual’s right to transform his consciousness by whatever means he wished.

There are also stories of peyote pilgrims dying after a tobacco purification ordeal in the course of the quest for peyote. Best-known and probably most common is smoking, but it was also drunk, snuffed, licked, sucked, hallucinogdns, and even injected rectally as enemas, a technique that permits especially rapid absorption of the active principles into the blood stream, while bypassing the digestive system and thereby avoiding unpleasant side effects.

They told her that she had found the plant that from then on would enable members of the Bwiti cult to see the dead. Kalyn rated it liked it Aug 27, Less well-known perhaps is the fact that in large doses nutmeg acts on the central nervous system as an hallucinogenic intoxicant, though, let it be said at once, with bizarre physical and mental symptoms and with such distinctly unpleasant after-effects as extreme nausea, headache, dizziness, and dryness of the nose and throat.

Alistair rated it it was amazing Jan curst, Its spectacular aboriginal distribution and the striking similarity of tobacco ideology suggest that it is very old indeed. If sleep or haolucinogens deprivation or extreme fatigue and physical pain could be employed, with or without chemical aids, to affect mental balance— or, putting it another way, to facilitate a different kind of psychic futst how much more drastic must be the effects of the powerful, even deadly, poisons that also played a role of some importance in the traditional systems of altering consciousness and, in the case of the frog-poison ordeals of South American Indians, still do so anv now?

Also, strictly speaking, its best-known modern product, marihuana, the “new social drug,” is not a psychedelic but an euphoriant. Typical warning signals of MDA are confusion, skin reactions, and profuse sweating. The “Diabolic Root” 97 II.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Whether or not such visions might have been facilitated by a combination of physical ordeal and hallucinogenic mushrooms of the kind that abound in the Usumacinta basin cannot be stated with certainty in the present state of our knowledge of ancient May a religion. Commercial cigarettes or cigars may be freely smoked at any time and are sometimes even used ceremoniallybut the powerful N.

To mention only one example from Mexico: Slu rated it it was amazing Aug 17, How much of this is a syncretism with Christianity and how much is original with the Fang is difficult to say.

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