Hans Hannula is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Hans Hannula and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes . View the profiles of people named Hans Hannula. Join Facebook to connect with Hans Hannula and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to. Moon Tides. by Dr Hans Hannula. There is absolutely no doubt that the Moon has a major influence on the S&P , especially during the trading day.

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Trade and invest as I say to avoid its ill effects.

I made more money trading in one day than I thought possible. The seasonal cycle, in fact, is the basis of W.

Gann tipped me on R. The only difference is whether the Moon has the full, new, or quarter Moon. Not long ago, one of the major problems a technical analyst had was getting data. The dimension of the line is not an integer like 1, 2 or 3 but can be a fraction, leading to the term fractional or fractal dimension. You, me, all of us, stand in that electric field. Have you ever had a truly chaotic day?

They then rallied sharply until solar noon.

V. (): Gann made easy by Hans Hannula, Ph.D.

While cycles have been a practical tool for me, I have always been Well, you’ll find out here. Further, a lot of the mathematical techniques used to find cycles are tricky in that they require a great deal of care to produce valid results. A squiggly line has a dimension between one and two, depending on how much it squiggles.

  IEC 60384-1 PDF

This pattern is essentially the same as seen in the two previous examples. It pulls the ocean waters into massive tides. Additionally, traders with Internet access can get a free MoonTide forecast and a realtime Chaos Clinic commentary on Fridays at hannnula There are three important steps for a trader to take in applying natural cycles to his or her trading.

The quarter Moon was at the Exchange just before the open on March 31st. It places a voltage of about volts on our heads. They made a dip at C, as forecast by the MoonTide, hannula rallied into a high at This is what leads to chaos is markets.

V.5:3 (93-98): In search of the cause of cycles by Hans Hannula, Ph.D.

Most chaotic systems produce some form of graphic representation. The tops were set by the Pluto line at G. Line A is the Hannu,a energy function. That is when the exchange lined up with the quarter Moon. The high priest of the day controlled the masses by telling them: Gann and, more recently, J.

Park Avenue Consulting daytradespy. Prices stopped on the Moon flux line and headed south.


After that, the fast rally slowed considerably! What is fractal geometry, anyway, and how do you use it? It is shown at C. As the earth rotates, it moves the stock and commodity exchanges past the Moon every day.

The next such pattern was to occur on Feb 26th, when the New Moon is in the same position as the Full Moon was on Feb 12th, and the Quarter Moon was on the 20th. Macy by Hans Hannula A lot of people have heard of W. Prices bottomed early on the Moon line A. Computers talk to each other all the time — except when you get involved. So prices move up and down with tides in these currents.

In a particular bay, the rise and fall may be far larger, due to the shape of the bay. As the solar wind carries ionized particles from the sun, they form a charged layer around the earth, called the ionosphere. Do as I say to avoid its ill effects.

They started to follow the Exchange at line E.

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