Hans Monderman, father of the Shared Space movement, argued that reducing traffic regulations can improve road safety. Statistics prove him right, but not. proach to traffic engineering. Shared space schemes started in the Nether- Emma Clarke talks to Hans Monderman and to Ben Hamilton Baillie, an urban. Under the label of ‘shared space’, a radically different approach to street design, traffic flow and road .. with the street. The late Hans Monderman’s last scheme.

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Obituary: Hans Monderman | Global | The Guardian

This case study demonstrates how shared street models, such as living and naked streets, provide an outcome that can be beneficial to both pedestrians and vehicles. This strategy creates a higher level of perceived risk of accident, and corresponding increase in risk-mitigation behaviour.

Since she has been writing for newspapers such as de Volkskrant and Het Parool and for a variety of magazines and websites in the Netherlands. Retrieved 27 January In he was nominated for the World Technology Award for the Environment [6] and gave a presentation on his work in a speech to the formal conference and awards ceremony in October in San Francisco.

Hans Monderman, father of the Shared Space movement, argued that reducing traffic regulations can improve road safety.


A Transnational Transdisciplinary Journal. Most monderan, but particularly women and older people, found the shared space intimidating and preferred the previous layout with conventional crossings.

Shared space

Glossary of road transport terms Road types by features. Allan Quimby, James Castle. Away with zebra crossings, speed bumps, traffic lights, safety islands, and even road signs!

The main operational and design features of living streets are: Particular interest centred on his redesign of a series of complex intersections in the town of Drachten, as well as shaeed remodelling of the high street at Haren, a suburb of Groningen. However, Auckland’s first shared space spacf Wairepo Swamp Hnas, [35] completed mid Retrieved 17 January He was a long-time advocate of reducing rules and increasing personal responsibility.

Even more motorised traffic goes through the Laweiplein, some 22, vehicles a day. Department for Transport” PDF. In his philosophy was developed into the four-year European Shared Space project. Shared space design can take many different forms depending on the level of demarcation and segregation between different transportation modes.

Retrieved 8 March This was the first shared space concept for Austria.

Space for People, Not for Cars

Laweiplein in Drachten, the Netherlands. A study by Hammond and Musselwhite [14] using a case study of Widemarsh Street in Hereford found that if traffic volume was relatively low and speeds of vehicles slow anyway then vulnerable road users found it easier to share the area with vehicles, including those blind or partially sighted and older people with mobility impairments. His work compelled transportation planners and highway engineers to look afresh at the way people and technology relate to each other.


The scheme replaced a section of Ashford’s former four-lane ring road with two-way streets on which drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians have equal priority.

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Retrieved 15 March One of project’s goals was to improve road safety in the town. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Shared space. A pilot road layout project, which includes shared-space elements, is to be trialled in the Stobhill area of Morpeth, Northumberland.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. University of Virginia Press, Ejby introduced a shared space project in Denmark.

This article has an unclear citation style. Objectively, statistics show that Shared Space design increases traffic safety.

Archived from the original on 2 July Hans Monderman 19 November — sharev January [1] [3] was a Dutch road traffic engineer and innovator. Booklets published by the EU partnership. Views Read Edit View history.

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