Happyface by Stephen Emond. Publication Date: March 1, ; Genres: Fiction; Hardcover: pages; Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. Moving easily between cartoons and painterly black-and-white illustration, this epistolary novel of a young teen’s reinvention of self is subtle. Just put on a happy face! Enter Happyface’s journal and get a peek into the life of a shy, artistic boy who decides to reinvent himself as a happy-go-lucky guy.

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I just told you. I was a damn rollercoaster. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Happy face is special in that it gives you the out. He comes to find out that living a lie is not a fun thing to do. It took me through a roller coaster of emotions.

This facade works effectively at the start. The font used throughout the journal for all of the text is something that takes a little getting used to. There a Gray skies are gonna clear up, Put on a happy face As a self-proclaimed Pollyanna, I will be the first to admit that I would want to punch you in the face if you said this to me.

Even in his happfyace Happyface manages to keep a lot of his life a secret.

I might also add that in an environment where finding books for boys can be difficult I find that this is a welcome addition. Happyface is a book about a troubled boy. But I couldn’t help but get frustrated with the way he would treat his friends. His mom and dad are having marital issues and his brother, Everett, knows it. For me, they are two of my favourites. I bought into it. Books by Stephen Emond. Get your butt to the library and get the book immediately.

My favorite part of the book would be the day Happyface first moved to his new school and saw Gretchen on the bus and fell in love with her because that was a quite cheesy part. And I bounced and I giggled and I hello kittied my way through my senior year. Join him as he makes new friends, tries to hide from his past, and ultimately learns to face the world with a genuine smile.


I like reading this kind of book because it’s fun. The main character was making ma 1.

I didn’t find anything so “original”. Sometimes the book is Happyface and it’s a really terrible time. This is his journal. In the end, Happyface realises that he cannot always hide his feelings and pretend to be someone that he was not.

Parents separated, stephwn with siblings, difficult times with kids steohen school and a hard time with school in general. So, I decided to stick out my noble chin Happy face is old school teen angst. There were definitely times where I wanted to slap him. This certainly got me very, very curious.

That life is too short, and I will live every day as the best person I can be. They want that happiness to rub off on them. It’s supposed to be the journal of a 10th grade guy. Sorry it took you 3 years to get an answer. Take off the gloomy mask of tragedy, It’s not your style; You’ll look so good that you’ll be glad Ya’ decide to smile! Though the catalyst for his metamorphosis is so understated that it’s possible some may miss it altogether and be a bit puzzled later in the story, this is a minor detail in an otherwise engaging and absolutely heartfelt tale.

So, I can relate with Happy Face. Happyface may sound and look like a happy book, but I was bu to find myself sighing and feeling really Similiar to Diary of a Wimpy kid, high school version though. I decided to wipe off happyfacr ‘full of doubt’ look.


HAPPYFACE by Stephen Emond | Kirkus Reviews

Thanks for telling us about the problem. He hides his past about his father whos a writer and drinks, his brother, and his home life with his mom.

And what I found shocking was Happyface is his nickname. Gretchen would spend sephen lot of time reading books and always had something new to read. Our narrator is determined to be awesome at his new school, so he sticks a smile on his face and lets everything bad roll off him. I cannot believe that I will also be writing that line!

Highly recommend this book, hhappyface for reluctant readers.

Happyface by Stephen Emond

The journal format is nothing new when it comes to a stepjen Young Adult novel but Happyface takes this format to an entirely new level, as our main character Happyface expresses his life Turn those frowns upside down, and remember to just keep swimming, I mean smiling! I understand it’s important to progress the story but it’s just hard to see him go through something like that.

The only problem is that it is not who he really happycace. I love this book so much, I originally picked it out because it had drawings and made the book look more fun.


The book never skipped any over major thing and did a great job of adding in every little detail making for an extremely compelling story. Happyface is targeted towards high school teen. That I will find things to really smile about. Ever since then, people were careful to really ask me that, stepheen conversations usually start like this:

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