Harley-Davidson Sportster Motorcycle Repair Manuals – Fix your bike like a pro! Get your Repair Manual fast from , with our Best Price. Harley Davidson Sportster Models Service Repair Manual Harley Davidson-Sportster_ XLH Sportster 93 a 98 – Service Manual TG. View and Download Harley-Davidson Sportster owner’s manual online. Sportster Motorcycle pdf manual download. Also for: Iron , Sportster .

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Note the Connected voltmeter reading while progressing along the harness. Loosen the fuel valve nut and remove the fuel shutoff valve from the fuel tank. Remove the clutch as described in Chapter Six. This is a common problem with connectors or joints that have loose or poor connections.

Harley Davidson service manuals for download, free!

Disconnect the sensor Figure Clean the nozzle with com- pressed air. To install close ratio gears in a model, refer to Close Ratio Gear Installation in this section. Engine run switch in off position. Clutch inspection cover 4. Remove the top and reinstall the spring. Front intake cam gear C, Figure Make While batteries are being charged, explosive hydrogen sure it is fully charged and the battery cables are clean and gas forms in each cell. Remove the four Torx screws securing the stator Fig- ure 25 to the transmission access cover.

NOTE When replacing gears, note that all models are equipped with close ratio gears.


Harley Sportster Manual

This Centerline must be done harkey as there are no hub and rim centering specifications for these models. Insert the mainshaft splined end C, Figure 71 through the bearing and center it with the press ram Figure Install the drive sprocket Figure 57 onto the main drive gear shaft. Remove the clutch shell from the press.

Screw and washer 2. Ta- ble 1 and Table 2 are at the end of the chapter. Measure the volt- connector [30] Turn the ignition on. Cam gear bushing Turn the engine stop switch to run. A faulty ignition switch.

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Detach all connectors located between the switch and the electrical circuit. Remove hharley shift lever Figure 4. Label all parts so they may be returned to their original positions. The system will pause for two seconds, and then flash the ready signal, which indicates it is ready to flash the next code. Overfilling may cause clutch mal- functioning. Cover the exhaust and intake openings.

Repair or re- place worn or damaged screwdrivers. Brake fluid should be visible in all of the sight glass A, Figure Screw vent hose 8. Check float level as described in this section. Place a straightedge over the gerotors as shown in Figure On models, remove the terminals from the end of the connector using the Cannon Connector Tool No.

Position the threaded cylinders with the knurled end facing up and install the cylinders onto the studs. Inspect the friction plates B, Figure 46 for worn or grooved lining surfaces. Remove the accelerator pump nozzle A, Figure 37 and O-ring B 838 the davidsob bowl. Troubleshooting the ignition system also requires the tion module connector on the wiring harness side, not on Harley-Davidson harness test kit part No.


Pull the string back through the frame, routing the new cable through the same path as the old cable. Adapter davidsn HDI models Check the conti- connector [] from the tachom- nuity between pin 11 sportsted pin 12 in eter.

Ground the end of the neutral indicator switch wire. NOTE The bearings and races are matched pairs. Remove the rear cover on the speedometer or tachometer. Remove the release plate retaining ring. If the voltage is incorrect, check the ignition system wiring as described in Ignition Circuit Wiring Check davisdon in this section.

Clean the top of the master cylinder. Install the cylinder head bolts and install them fin- ger-tight.

The following troubleshooting procedures help isolate 8. Adjust the drive belt Chapter Three. Remove the clutch spring cover.

Remove the air filter backplate as described in this chapter. Screw Rear Shock Absorbers these bolts incorrectly can cause oil leaks or cylinder head warp.

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