Read Sweetwater customer reviews for Hartke VX 4×10″ Watt Bass Combo. Rated / 5 by 6 customers!. I saw this on Musiccom It says its a Hartke mounted in the hartke VX cab. Does any one own this or has tried it? i am very very curious, I. I already owned and used a Hartke B (which is another review in itself, as it is an extremely cost effective and effecient amp, so I was familiar with the brand.

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Our gear experts can help!

It would be strong enough for stage in mid-size venues, and more than adequate in clubs and bars. The mid-range is fairly powerful, but nothing tummy-rumbling in a large room.

This amp is a “combo” amp, in that it is a single unit,approximately 16″ x26 “x33”.

Then simply complete the EQ contour, and we get what we want. It has four drivers with a piezo horn mounted center off them. It’s a pig to move from the house to the van but worth every foot of it. We’ll refund you the difference for 45 days, so you’ll never regret buying from zZounds. So far so good but I have only had it for a short time.

The preamp section offers two gain settings, has a lamp, a transistor, the two are used simultaneously. Like I said before Hard to beat. I’ll probably make some additions to this amplifier later on. It has features and tones which are comparable to much higher priced amps and cabs.


So, I prefer giving my business to a home-owned store, and they were new in the town and needed the biz, so they ordered it for me. Rock, Jazz, and Alternative. Fast, reliable delivery We have warehouses on both coasts, so most shipments arrive in 3 days or less. It’s no SVT but it has a very moldable sound.

Rating and Reviews: Hartke VX3500 Bass Amp

It’s really all I’ll ever need playing medium to large clubs. Have had no reason to contact the company regarding this amp. I was a little leery about purchasing this over the net.

This is built like the ROCK! Highly recommend it to any and everybody. I think this is quite sexy in that it’s a 4×10 speaker nartke, which looks quite appealing. This set works well and gives a very low present and alive. I wanted a combo amp, due to the portability of one compared with the rack-mount and cabinet concept.

It’s a two-person job to lift it, it’s hella heavy! And when it comes to bass, the Hartke brand name always looks pretty. No hidden charges or hassles on returns.

Hartke VX Watt 4×10″ Bass Combo Amp- SoundSelect

So back to the beginning. And of course the HP port to disconnect the HP integrated. Very well constructed and easy to move around. I really couldn’t ask for more as far as sound gx3500. No need for volume 5 let alone an I can’t see anything going wrong with this amp in the future.

Haven’t needed it thus far. I dont use it bartke, but i know it is becoming more common. Want our best price even faster? I don’t think I’ve ever had it above 4 on stage and often I don’t even go through the PA. Theres not a great deal of difference in sound between vx3050 valve preamp and the solid state though the depth of the cab usually means im trying to cut low end rather than boost it, an extremely bassy amp, but it cuts through too.


Use it with us – we’ll beat those prices, too! This amp has a huge range of variety in tones. I have tried many other bass amp models, but I never get the sound I want. The connection is made by jack at the front, with separate entrance Active and passive. Considering that the SWR Super Red Head combo 2×10 w is just over twice the price as I’ve priced themI’d have to say that the Hartke combo “4”x10 w is as good a value as anything out there.

Your vote has been counted. Need it now but short of cash?

The split between tube and normal sound is very good, and the right combination can vary your sound somewhat. It’s all that I personally would ever need.

When the VX came out, it was as close as I could find to my old vx3500. If it were stolen or destroyed I would replace it with another in a heart beat. This includes heavy and oversized items. The fact that it gx3500 a combo picture a 4×10 cabinet with a head mounted above it which is integral in the cab.

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