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Omron HeartScan HCG Package

In a healthy heart the waveform pattern shows a regular shape and rhythm. In case of heart disease, abnormalities can be detected.

Symptoms such as heart pain, palpitations, and shortness of breath may be signs of heart diseases such as angina or cardiac infarction. These recordings can then be shown to the doctor, who can examine it and use it for correct diagnosis.


From analysis of the waveform, some information hdg-801 be obtained on the presence of arrhythmia or ST-level deviations related to ischaemic heart disease.

Omron Hcg-801 Portable Cordless ECG Heart Monitor

Taking the condition of the user into consideration, the user-friendly and hcb-801 design allows the user to take a reading instantly and discretely. The design of the pick-up sensor system provides a sufficiently clear signal for further evaluation in the ECG device.

By comparing your electrocardiogram rhythm and shape with normal waves, various heart diseases can be diagnosed. This ST portion is also used to determine ischemic heart disease.

: HCG Health & Personal Care

However, even if a wave is irregular, it does not necessarily mean a person has a heart disease. Therefore, it is necessary for someone with expert knowledge to diagnose the problem.

Do not make self-diagnosis based on the recorded information. Please have a doctor diagnose. Ischaemic heart disease or arrhythmia can be transient. ECG performed and read at doctor’s office is the reference investigation in that case. Sometimes, due to the transient symptoms pattern, abnormalities cannot be recorded at doctor’s office, although the disease is a reality in daily life.


The Holter ECG procedure including a hour monitoring with electrode leads being continuously applied hcb-801 the patient can help in some cases. The Holter procedure is heavy and expensive. Sometimes the worsening of heart condition increasingly repetitive pattern of transient abnormalities can alert and allow taking corrective treatments before a potential heart attack or stroke.

The HeartScan ECG monitor can detect the waveform and provide to the doctor relevant data on the heart condition of the patient in daily life.

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