She certainly doesn’t look like Gretchen Lowell, the sadistic monster at the center of Chelsea Cain’s “Heartsick.” Blond Gretchen’s eyes are. In this outstanding thriller, the first in a new series, Cain (Confessions of a Teen Sleuth) puts a fresh spin on a scenario familiar to fans of. An unforgettable serial killer-thriller from a major new talent.

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This is easier said then done because I have a jam packed summer reading list. This heartsixk a very dark and gory read so if that’s not your thing, I’d avoid this one. Be the first to discover new talent! I mean, I had no idea you could walk into a maximum security prison at midnight and get molested by an imprisoned serial killer.

Chelsea Cain – Wikipedia

It has to do with serial killers. The blurb is intriguing enough to pull me in.

I was surpised at how absolutely satisfying this book was. A hungry young newspaper reporter, Susan Ward, begins profiling Archie and the investigation, which sparks a deadly game between Archie, Susan, the new killer, and even Gretchen. Multiple times I found myself saying that I couldn’t see the character doing that and some of the elements felt contrived.

In the story, a series of young girls have been murdered. While it seems like this could be an all too obvious scene tactic, it actually does not backfire on Cain and works very well throughout the novel. Carolyn McCormick did an excellent job with the audio narration. Her last column with The Oregonian was posted on December 28, I’ve heard Heartsick billed as the next Silence of the Lambs, and I think that description is deceptive.

She is well drawn, well imagined and both charming and frightening, intoxicating and nauseating. Faults aside, Hezrtsick do think this is a descent debut novel, it gives a peek into the possibilities that Cain has as a writer and so I’ll be interested to see where she goes in the sequel to this book Sweetheart.

The sleeping around with married men and her stupid decisions at times, i hated her. I love the characters, chelsae love how twisted the stories on it. I am hopeful for the next book. Why aren’t there more thrillers featuring female serial killers?


His life in shambles and addicted to pain killers, Archie returns to detective work a very different man, breaking his work hiatus only because a new serial killer, one targeting sophomore girls, is on the loose in Portland.


However, the more interesting portion revolves around the relationship between a female serial killer, Gretchen Lowell, and the detective, Archie Sheridan, that she tortured before being captured. You’ll think about me tonight, won’t you? If you don’t like violence, you won’t like this book The way Gretchen read her like an open book whe she visited at the prison is so enjoyable. I was not expecting the chelzea of what the book was about.

As the story progresses, we learn bits and pieces of Archie’s experience at the hands of Gretchen Lowell. I wish I had a grade lower than 1. Layla Torres I have only read Heartsick, but it chrlsea very vaguely why she was called the Beauty Killer. With barely any clues or leads, they are on the hunt for the After School Strangler.

But can Archie finally manage to confront the demons of his past without being consumed by them? For years, they tried to capture the killer, who evaded them, until a heeartsick woman came into the picture. With a woman as the serial czin made it all the more interesting.

Please provide an email address. The Good Cqin Karin Slaughter. This occurs throughout the book and it is graphic at times.

If I remember correctly, it was either the way she killed them was done very nicely, or “beautifully,” or the people she killed were attractive.

He ends up going on many trips to prison to talk to Gretchen to find out about where hearrtsick bodies are located. Retrieved from ” https: I do have a warning for readers: Archie’s life changed forever, divorced from his wife, barely seeing his kids and now addicted to abusing prescription medication.

What they both experience as they try to work their way closer to the killer is something that will tests their inner resolves to see the job done.


He has spent the last two years on medical leave and has an addiction to his pain pills. Archie Sheridan was chslsea detective who was happily married and daddy to a little boy and little girl. When we do meet her, she is everything we hoped for. He is still enduring the emotional and mental state as he still is wrapped up with Gretchen.

This book will definitely come to mind next time i have to pick up this product and use it; not in a good way. Mar 01, Kemper rated it liked it Shelves: This is read in different perspectives, generally Archie or Susans with a few chapters to separate the two- this is little confusing at first but you get used to it as you read along.

The book opens with Detective Archie Sheridan’s moments-too-late realization that he’s fallen into the clutches of a serial killer, the beautiful, sociopathic Gretchen Lowell who has tortured to death people and plans to make Archie number Archie is not a well man, he is battling a serious addiction to pain pills and severe psychological problems.

He thinks he cxin a flash of emotion in her dhelsea. Cain left Bellingham after high school to study political science at the University of California, Irvinewhere she wrote for the New University newspaper and became the opinion editor.

Hardcoverpages. Cain does chelses follow a strict chronological sequence in her storytelling, and there are two major stories at play here: As a freshman at Cleveland High, where one of the chesea victims attended school, she may or may not have had an inappropriate sexual relationship with her drama teacher.

Flash forward a few years chapter two and we discover that Archie did actually survive his ten-day ordeal at the chelea of a psychopathonly after Gretchen called and turned herself in.

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