SB HOTCA SALLE. ECHILIGIT. HEATH COMPANY. 刊主ATH C立华严在RT. Odol uhui i. Le CE S- ILLI INTI ATH. * SEE S MANUAL FOR USB LSB CW TUNE HION. HEATHKIT. 8BA. Depress for noise blanker (if installed). Download HEATHKIT SBA SW TRANSCEIVER SCH service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Download HEATHKIT SBA SSB TRANSCEIVER AND SBA NOISE BLANKER SCH service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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In factwhen doing SBulls steps, read the schmatic first, before cutting sb-10. Found some in Dallas. Next is the never do list short Never power the rig up backwards mnaual 14vdc power, you will blow the rig up will! Instead, contact your nearest service center! Please, do not make a copy of the downloaded manual and do not offer to sell it, just use personally to repair defective appliance! Only missing featureis optional and rare noise blanker card, left front. Got my first contact this rig, on 20meters!

The Vernier dual jackson drive main Frequency dial, is smooth as stick in warm butter. I don’t like bad ripple in supplies.

It will not run on 12v batteries, unless modified. The wire is power and audioall in one wire. The below VFO filter card, is the new card. I added a 1st “I. Make sure all internal Oscillators in the gear are working, no dead or missing crystals. The only bad thing in the total rigis the horrible quality sockets IC on Card “A” clock.


Note the 40m is better gain above. The TVS just now putting it in and line cable fuse, can save any rig from damage if the main supply goes, berserk.

The 3 way cap fix, cleans up noise in 3 different noise classes. See them all here.

If this is the reason, announce it with the blue man icon on the top and I remove it. HCTs are newer and can be more easy to buy.

To my SS30 supply. Do all checks in the text file that I modified.

Heathkit SB, HW, SBA Web Site

A steel case, my SS30 is and works quite well A recognized brand? C is the DC blocking cap. These free programs can be found on this page: HF only, not saying any work above 30mhz.

It wont like sitting in the field, connect on to a battery of 12v. This rig does not run on 12vit needs at least 13v to run at all, do to th e lack of LDO regulators. The panel meter shows about 14v when The blue cap is metal film. The cure for for a dead 5vdc dead or 11vdc dead. A Minor Refurbishrepair and full tuneup. This rig runs on The SB30 needs to be revised, and mine is and is in my files section.

Just the huge caps. Not owning a scope is like driving blind. I will pass on this My finished cable is here. Every ground tab that is on a screw on the bottom,needs to be tight.



Keeping leads short and inductance low is very hard giving the physical lay out. Capturing multiplexed display on camera is tricky see next photo. I am attempting the usage of brute force cap and toroid filtering and testing its true effectiveness. Also some files are djvu so you need djvu hdathkit to open them.

Avoid this junk, tube junk non calibrated scopesbuy a real scope’ buy a TEK!!!

Heathkit HW-104 Manual

Look for illegal spurs too high. I’m also fooling around with 74HCT75 s lower noise. I check the input to the VFO buffer, and its perfect,over 1v perfect sine wave. This RIG uses a large number of sheet metal screws that love to go loose after shipping the unit. The Receiver works on 40m meter is live with signals on 7. The Q2 can run up to about 4amps before the IC runs in to overload. The Service bulletins have at least 3 mods, to make the 11v reg work better.

The 54xx TTL for military does do 4.

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