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It includes Heine’s poem Where? You breathe in my ear a secret word, A garland of cypress for token.

He believed its radicalism and materialism would destroy much of the European culture that he loved and admired. Alnansor aus Minion Pro, 11 pt. Though he would later mock Schlegel, Heine found in him a sympathetic critic for his early verses.

Wolfwho inspired Heine’s lifelong love of Aristophanes.

“An Analysis of Heinrich Heine’s Dramatic Works: “Almansor” and “Willia” by Marianne Anderson

At the University of Bonn, liberal students were at war with the conservative authorities. His quote about burning books is prominently displayed in the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in Jerusalem. So, inHeine went to the University of Bonn then in Prussia. While at first the plan met with enthusiasm, the concept was gradually bogged down in anti-Semiticnationalistand religious criticism; by the time the fountain was hheine, there was no place to put it.


This put a stop to Heine’s annual subsidy of hene, francs. He learned to hate Hamburg with its commercial ethos, but it would become one of the poles of his life alongside Paris. Heine thought that such an image suited the oppressive German authorities.

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It was first ruled by Joachim Muratthen by Napoleon himself. Heine was more interested in studying history and literature than law. I wake; it is gone; the dream is blurred, And forgotten the word that was spoken. Heine was a radical liberal and one of the first things he did after his arrival was to take part in a parade which violated the Carlsbad Decreesa series of measures introduced by Metternich to suppress liberal political activity.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It tells the story of the hunt for a runaway bear, Atta Troll, who symbolises many of the attitudes Heine despised, including a simple-minded egalitarianism and a religious view which makes God in the believer’s image Atta Troll conceives God as an enormous, heavenly polar bear.

Almansor: Eine Tragödie by Heinrich Heine – Free Ebook

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Heinrich Heine. Heine was unimpressed by the Almahsor A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. God has given Wider spaces there than here.

According to Heine, pantheism had been repressed by Christianity and had survived in German folklore. However, the relationship between author and publisher started well: He also experienced difficulties with his eyes. Heine spent the last 25 years of his life as an expatriate in Paris.


Heine’s later verse and prose is distinguished by its satirical wit and irony. He continued to work from his sickbed: And the stars that swing in heaven Shall be lamps above my bier. Heine was incapable of doing this so he never had enough money to cover his expenses. And I saw Heine up at the corner, walking toward me. His publisher was able to find some ways of getting around the censors and he was still free, of course, to publish in France.

Another friend was the satirist Karl Immermannwho had praised Heine’s first verse collection, Gedichtewhen it appeared in December Heine soon became a celebrity in France. Campe was a liberal who published as many dissident authors as he could. He was sceptical about the Frankfurt Assembly and continued to attack the King of Prussia.

Paris offered him a cultural richness unavailable in the smaller cities of Germany.

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