The Hendershot Motor Mystery [F. D. Fleming] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Directory contents of /pdf/Reference_Material/Hendershot/ The Hendershot Motor , MB The Hendershot , MB. The New . F. D. Flemming, “The Hendershot Motor Mystery,’ Fate, vol.3, no.l, January , pages Also: Gaston Burridge, “The So-Called Hendershot Motor,’ Round.

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I also have a download link to download Deepcuts video in avi format if anyone wants a file copy, just PM me and i will mail the link. The first model consisted of a ring magnet less than three inches in diameter.

Directory contents of /pdf/Reference_Material/Hendershot/

It’s annoying the amount of turns and wire gauge’s are missing from the patent. I do like Ion’s 2 separate boards.

EMdevices on Energy increases constantly from the pull. Hence the need for N-S alignment along the length of the device. Around the magnet were coils rigged as only Hendershot knows how to rig them, and another set of coils pass through the center of the ring. I now have a motor built on that principle that will mystefy at a constant speed, a speed predetermined when the motor is built.

New York Times February 27, Each time a current is drawn in the rotating coil, the Lenz law applies, creating a flux that opposes the variation and therefore creating a counter torque. This would be great way to disseminate any technology we achieve. We don’t even need to supply any torque as the rotor will be pulled into the magnetic field with the correct design.

Hendershot declares that one of his motors, complete and ready to be installed in an airplane would weigh little more than four ounces for every horsepower it developed, while the best of the gas engines now built hebdershot about two pounds per horsepower. This two coil moror that hfndershot mentioned now is some other invention that never worked properly.

Attached is all three views from page 26 EDIT: It is spun by the air as the plane moves, hensershot so the generator coils inside cut through the earths’s magnetic field, which has a particular orientation, thus a voltage is induced and the indicator instrument displays that voltage.


All that is needed are the measurement specs.

Lester J Hendershot Generator

I’ve emailed the guy for schems and parts. Hendershot, the inventor, and D. I think a better starting point is the proof of concept Mark 1. The coil is a magnetic dipole rotating in the earth magnetic dipole. I now have the exact 5: Grumpy on Now if we take that current and feed a coil 90 deg in rotation, we can get a build up of magnetic energy that swirls around and induces current in our device, so we are basically feeding off of a magnetic field vortex that only gets stronger with each revolution.

The magnet in the motor, he thinks, probably would have to be recharged after about hours of operation.

Coils 4 and 22 may have served to regenerate the weak earth field with coil 4 and 31 being a variable reluctance oscillator portion.

My son and I attempted the more complex Hendershot back in to no avail. Or maybe this is easier to visualize, we use the current induced in the rotor to magnetize the stator coils to strengten the magnetic field even more, at each location, so we move the magnetic field location with the rotor position, always at its maximum to induced the maximum voltage to generate the maximum current so that it generates the maximum magnetic field in the stator, so on and so forth, on and on in a circular loop that only amplifies itself with time.

It not only ran the motor but it burned it out”, Major Lanphier said. Hendershot today stated there was nothing mysterious about his motor, that the force that energizes it is the “same force that pulls the needle of the compass, and there is nothing mysterious about that”.

If we let current flow then there will be a torque on the rotor, but where is the counter torque realized?


Directory contents of /pdf/Reference_Material/Hendershot/

The oath I took to gain my top secret hendefshot clearance will not let me build weapons or upset the economic balance of any nation. The iron could be done from cut garden wire and bundled. See my dilemma now? Note that a standard interleaved E I stack was used with the center legs cut out and coil inserted as in a normal transformer.

Is this the secret? Elite Hero Member Posts: A top view would show mohor items 18 and 27 as rectangular hednershot closer to square cores with open centers wherein the coils are disposed.

Now where do you think he got this? It was suggested that perhaps the Hendershot engine was “stealing” power from some big radio broadcasting station. The wire would have to ordered.

DeepCut on Attached is my marked up figure 3. Which direction is N-S? Hendershot The Lester J. Is this a conspiracy? Building an oscillating magnetic field device will get you warnings.

While unwilling to describe it in detail until pending patents have been received, Major Lanphier told a little about it. Hendershot says that altitude would not affect the efficient operation of his motor, for the magnetic influence of the earth has been found to remain the same as high as man has ever reached. When I read the explanation of the collector plate reluctance armature LJH says it is horizontal extending down to core 3 therefore I take the view as a front sectional view not end or top.

The guys at NuTech get it almost right, but still have erred in their sectional depiction of coils 4 and 22 on page But it must be set before each flight, and is not always reliable.

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