Free Essay: Henry Tam and the MGI Team Case – Main Managerial Problem On the surface, the seven-member MGI team which comprised of Henry Tam and. The case study is about the process of team working and processes to be followed to understand your peers and constructively work with them. Case Questions: Henry Tam and the MGI Team 1. a) What is your evaluation of the MGI s team processes? b) What were the root causes of the problems?.

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Henry could have noticed that they lacked a leader, and no one on the team had specific roles.

Instead of utilizing the full resources that they have, they are in serious disagreements, and also less focused. Their discussion styles are not effective, and this will allow better communication and help them to increase performance.

Henry Tam/MGI Case

The three founders were not only long time friends but also immigrants to the US from the former Soviet Union. In a homogeneous group the members are qnd similar and find it easy to work together. The third person is relied upon by the other two for his business savvy. Rationale There would also be heated discussions in regarding how to proceed. Menu Skip to content. Team members have failed to established clear goal to others.

The team may be able to develop a business plan that garners heny degree of support from outside funding, but without the vital knowledge to break into the highly competitive entertainment market, the effort gam likely go unrewarded.

Therefore, time will be likely longer to reach the agreement.


Henry Tam & MGI Team Case Essay Example for Free

It lacks the organizational structure of a command group with specific reporting relationships. However, it will be very hard to implement. An important recommendation for Henry would include establishing expectations and boundaries for the group. Henyr creativity and musical expertise that was incorporated into the game, gave MGI its largest strength.

The blurring roles caused to team to remain inefficient.

Unity and consensus require a great deal of understanding and blending all different behaviors into one unique team behavior. The first action that Henry should do is giving team members autonomy and independence to work freely to generate new and bright ideas.

I have presented at several conferences providing insight into human resources policies and procedures, conflict resolution, and good management practices. Their objective was meeting the immediate requirements of the HBS business plan contest.

This would set out to evoke greater meaning and deeper commitment among the team members. This is a very diverse group of people all having different areas of expertise, knowledge, and skills.

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A clear understanding of what has to be accomplished. Establish Meeting Agendas to maintain goal focus Rationale: Dav is an MIT student with software development skills. Roman is disagreeable; Sasha and Igor believe there are too many people involved. Henry and Dana recognized the lack of leadership in the group almost immediately. Team members in this stage hhe a sense of mutual responsibility and concern for one another as they carry out their work pg.

Dav was a MIT graduate with software development experience. Get help with your homework. Organized structure was also needed to help determine individual roles as well as roles mgk meetings. Yet, the question remains — how can Henry help MGI be successful with so many varied challenges?


Based on my experience, this is a person who can: There was a lot of friction between Sasha and Dana pg. How about make it original? They believe the problem was that Sasha did not focus on sales, but rather production and fund raising efforts. From that reason, it also leads the team to the barrier of building unity and collaborations. MGI team members lack interdependence behavior.

Sasha was someone that the team would have to work as a challenge in the storming stage pg. I am also a published novelist. The MGI team had strengths when it came to musical and composition expertise.

Henry Tam, a second-year Harvard MBA student, who joins an aspiring start-up nenry and a fellow classmate to enter the school’s business plan contest.

This site uses cookies. However, I am not convinced that Alex is the right person for the job because he tends to ignore the cultural aspect of the conflict.

Doing so will increase efficiency and clarify roles and agendas. The MGI team may cass more concerned with efficiency, making ill-informed decisions. This stage of development represents the highly effective and efficient team functioning.

Henry Tam and the MGI Team

This stage is an initial entry of members to a group. The MGI team was comprised of seven members, three of which were founders: The differences among the team members on the MGI team are both an asset and a liability. This would be gam individual who would ensure:.

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