The operative findings revealed a sliding Maydl’s hernia with an ischemic inner ileal pathologyshouldbeinvestigatedandtreatedappropriately. Maydl’s hernia is a very rare type of a hernia and at times presents as a deceptive condition in a strangulated hernia. There is a paucity of. #DatoQx Hernia de Maydl o #Hernia en W – 2 asas de delgado en el saco. Alta probabilidad de estrangulación!!

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Prosthetic mesh repair is required. This would avoid future doubt if appendicitis occurred [ 9 ]. Femoral hernias are never congenital, and are twice as common in parous as in non-parous females. It is more common on the right side. Patients require analgesia for the first few days.

Repair is recommended for unusually large hernias or if the hernia is still present at school age. In addition, irreducible hernias are usually painful. The male to female ratio is A small hernia may be difficult to palpate, especially in the obese patient. Spigelian and Maydl hernias.

BoxLimbe, Southwest Region, Cameroon. Except in children and infants, the essential cause of an IIH is a failure of the processus vaginalis to become completely obliterated to form the ligamentum vaginale, which normally occurs within a few days after birth, and b loss of integrity of the inguinal canal see above. The mesh is cut to size, with two limbs encircling the cord at the deep ring, and is then sutured to the posterior wall behind the cord.

It is of historical interest that in Claudius Amyand removed the appendix of an year-old boy through a groin incision for a scrotal hernia, arguably the first appendicectomy to be performed although without the intention of curing appendicitis [ 5 ]. Erythema of the overlying skin is a late sign. Freund H, Hurvitz H, et al. Obstructed inguinal hernia presents as an emergency.

The deep inguinal ring was closed intraabdominally. A DIH protrudes directly through the posterior wall of the inguinal canal, medial to the inferior epigastric artery and deep inguinal ring.


Hernias – SurgWiki

This type of hernia is more prone to strangulation and necrosis. The clinical and operative diagnosis of Maydl’s hernia. Intussusception occurs when one portion of the gut becomes matdl within an immediate adjacent segment.

The hernial defect is often found to be small. A hernia is an abnormal protrusion of a viscus or part of a viscus herniw a herhia either in the containing mxydl of that viscus or within the cavity in which the viscus normally is situated.

The intestine should be handled as little as possible to minimise post-operative ileus. Epigastric hernias are usually irreducible and may be multiple. It protrudes through the obturator canal or foramen, which is a normal anatomical structure between the obturator groove on the inferior aspect of the superior pubic ramus and superior border of the obturator membrane.

A Meckel’s diverticulum lies within the hernial sac. The hernia passes forwards as it enlarges, stretching muscle and fascial layers. Operation is indicated for all other patients because of symptoms and the risk of complications. The hernial sac contains two loops of intestine Maydl’s hernia. A year-old female presented with the complaint of a swelling in the right inguinal region for 4 months which was about 5x4cm herjia size, oval in shape, reducible, non-tender, with impulse on coughing.

There was also history of a small ulcer lateral to this swelling from which daily about 50 ml greenish discharge drained. A Indirect inguinal hernia; B direct inguinal hernia.

Maydl’s hernia

Strangulation appears to be mayel. The main predisposing factors for an incisional hernia are poor surgical techniques, local wound complications, impaired wound healing, and increased intraabdominal pressure Aetiological factors in incisional hernias. Consent The patient granted consent for the case to be reported. We present a case of an unsual type of obstructed indirect inguinal hernia with impending strangulation.

They should avoid straining and lifting mmaydl about 4 weeks after surgery, and avoid very heavy physical work for about 6—8 weeks. An expectant approach can be adopted as nearly all hernias close or greatly reduce in size. Clinically, the diagnosis of a Spigelian hernia may be difficult. Generally, irreducible hernias should be operated on soon after presentation. Views Page Discussion View source History.


Support Radiopaedia and see fewer ads. A skin crease incision is made over the hernia, the sac is excised and the defect in the transversus abdominis aponeurosis is closed with non-absorbable sutures. CT scan of the abdomen or barium study is also helpful.

Articles Cases Courses Quiz. Initial experience indicates that recurrence rates are similar to those associated with open operations.

Herniotomy is all that is required. A sliding inguinal hernia is a variant in which part of a viscus usually the colon is adherent to the outside of the peritoneum forming the hernial sac beyond the hernial orifice. The neck of an inguinal hernia is above the inguinal ligament and pubic tubercle, and the hernia protrudes initially from above the ligament even though it may descend into the scrotum.

Severe inguinal or abdominal pain suggests obstruction or strangulation. He made good recovery and was discharged on the fifth postoperative day. Navigation Main page Random page Help. It is most common in children, primary or secondary to intestinal pathology like polyp, Meckel’s diverticulum, submucosal lipoma or tumour.

At birth, the intestine protrudes into the base of the umbilical cord and is covered by a thin opaque sac of amnion, not normal skin. The herniated hernix may become ischaemic.

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