Korean folktale about two brothers. Get the resources for teaching this story here – Korean Short Story I: Heungboo and Nolbu 흥부와 놀부. Once upon a time, there were two brothers, Nolbu and Heungbu. Nolbu was rich but greedy. Heungbu. Here is the story of Heungbu and Nolbu. Older brother Nolbu is greedy and cruel, while younger brother Heungbu is kind and good-hearted.

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They then took another gourd and cut it open. We saw this play in Korean during a traditional folk performance and had no idea what was going on because of the language barrier. Convinced that the other gourds contained gold, Nolbu struggled and managed to open another gourd.

Hungbu and Nolbu the story of two brothers a Korean folktale – Patrick and Cindy Kirkbride

Hello and thank you for visiting! This page was last edited on 31 Octoberat I like it up to the point where the brother shares his gold. Heungbu and Nolbu Hangul: Then Heungbo splits his fortune equally with Nolbu and they both live happily ever after. Then the swallow dropped a gourd seed on the ground.

I think that these stories are very precious and meaningful because they were some of the earliest stories I have heard from my parents, and it also taught me to be humble and kinds towards others and myself.

andd They grew big and when he cut all three of them, a monster had come out and had beaten Nolbu. The following spring, the swallow returned and dropped a gourd seed to him. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I am going to keep it short and sweet so I can get into more detail to what makes this story most amusing to us.


One day, Heungbu found a swallow with a broken leg.

Korean folk tales – Heungbu and Nolbu | kidsfuninseoul

I had heard this heungu when my mom was reading a Korean book with many folktales in it. The sparrow, so thankful for his care, had soon brought three gourd seeds that Heungbu could plant. Now, whenever I hear these heungbh, it makes me remember my childhood and the good times. Their father dies and leaves his fortune to both brothers to split, Nolbu is basically like F you bro, I am taking it all. Only one young swallow escaped death.

As an added thank you bobo and chichi readers will get a special discount. The sparrow flew off to Gangnam which was some magical land back then and talked to some mystical creature about how his life was saved. Views Read Edit View history. Heungbo, taking pity on his heunghu greets him warmly.

However, out came a batch of little imps wielding sticks. Plus a special bonus for nolby and chichi readers! The plant yielded gourdsand when they were ready to eat, Heungbu and his family split a gourd in half.

Nolbu couldn’t take it any more and ran to Hungbu’s house for help.

One day Heungbu came begging to Nolbu for some food since his family was starving to death. The greedy brother reflected on his deeds and was very sorry for everything that he had done that was wrong. Nolbu, thinking that everything would be all right if he could just open up the other gourds, split open the third gourd. The swallow heals and flies south in winter.


Then the nymph said, “Now you must build a large mansion here.

For many months, Heungbu had worked to take care of the bird and the following spring, he had freed the sparrow. After that, Hungbu became a man of wealth.

When it was fleeing, its leg had got caught in a bamboo blind and it had fallen to the ground. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After doing some research beungbu found that nokbu story is freaking crazy and has to be shared. The story of the two brothers Hungbu and Nolbu is one of the most typical and popular of all Korean folk tales. You can change, you can become a better person. However, Nolbu tricked Heungbu’s family and threw them out in order to keep the entire fortune to himself.

Heungbu and Nolbu

Previous Post Wordless Heungbh Nolbu was like WTF, how did this happen? Although he was poor, he was very good-natured. The earliest known recorded versions of the tale occur in several traditional novella or kodae sosol and as the performance text for a Korean sung tale form called p’ansori.

Nolbu is living it up in his fancy house with his one kid and wife and just being a jerk to everyone else who is starving to death.

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