This test will give you your personality scores on the scientific HEXACO test. The HEXACO model of personality structure is a six-dimensional model of human personality . Since the initial development of the HEXACO Personality Inventory in the early s, the HEXACO model has been used to investigate various. The HEXACO-PI-R personality test measures six traits to determine how honest, agreeable and trustworthy you are.

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HEXACO model of personality structure

The Honesty-Humility factor has been found to predict endorsement of unethical business practices [14] and even the degree to which a person will take health and safety risks even towards fellow employees. Research studies based on the lexical hypothesis described above were first undertaken in the English language.

As the Big 5 became more and more accepted, it led to researchers wondering if these traits would be consistently found in other languages.

You will not be asked to provide your name or any identifying information. Timothy; Katigbak, Marcia S. The first use of the lexical approach is attributed to Baumgartnera Swiss industrial psychologist who used it to categorize words in the German language. The discovery of the honesty-humility trait in other languages led researchers to wonder why it wasn’t found in the original English language studies.

Personality and Individual Differences. Predicting political attitudes and behavior”. Although the 12 factors were not replicated, there were five traits that were being consistently produced. Note that the researchers cannot discuss your results with you. Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Psychopathy”. Why Use This Test?


Simply put, this hypothesis suggests that personality traits of importance in a society will lead to the development of words to describe both high and low levels of these traits. Domains of knowledge about human behaviourthird edition. Language based taxonomies for personality traits have been widely used as a method for developing personality models.

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Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology. Although the HEXACO model is receiving growing support from scientists, the necessity of this sixth trait is still a matter of debate.

HEXACO model of personality structure – Wikipedia

They further argue that claims of universality for the HEXACO model should be cautiously considered, since many languages and cultures have yet to be assessed with appropriate personality trait studies. Reply to Ashton and Lee”. Specifically, low levels of Honesty-Humility were found to be related to higher levels of self-reported creativity; though, no relationship between creativity and Agreeableness was found.

The addition of the sixth factor, as well as the rotation of Agreeableness and Emotionality, allows for examination and prediction of behaviour based on less prosocial behaviour. Due to the difficult task of assessing personality, it was accepted that a systematic method should be used, and the agreed upon approach was to use factor analysis.

In case of a technical malfunction, results might not appear, but this is very rare. Currently, the most widely used model of personality structure is also based on analyses of personality-descriptive adjectives. Through the expansion of research into other languages, it was found that there was a sixth trait that kept appearing.

Use of self- and observer reports”. If you have concerns about your rights as a research participant, you may contact the primary researchers, Kibeom Lee kibeom ucalgary.


By using the complete set of words that had previously been grouped into 75 different clusters, the replications showed the existence of the sixth trait that was previously missing. This method, based on the logic of the perzonality hypothesisuses adjectives found in language that describe behaviours and tendencies among individuals.

Journal of Personality Disorders. Honesty-Humility and Agreeableness both measure two different aspects of Reciprocal altruismhigh levels of which indicate a propensity for helping behaviour and cooperation as opposed to the exploitation of others.

Journal of Personality Assessment. Personality traits Personality typologies.

HEXACO Personality Test

This research will be published in scientific journals and other sources. For more on our online personality test, please consult our Terms of Service. Your participation is completely voluntary, anonymous, and confidential.

The Honesty-Humility factor represents a person’s tendency for pro-social altruistic behaviours, [12] while Agreeableness indicates an individual’s tendency to forgive and to show tolerance.

Individual Differences and Personality hexco ed. The solution to this problem tst based on the lexical hypothesis. This test is also available in the following languages: Test scores are logged into an anonymized database.

While several studies have found support for the HEXACO model, its popularity within the scientific community is still far from universal. Honesty-Humility, Emotionality and Agreeableness are proposed to be measures of Altruistic versus Antagonistic behaviour.

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