El hexagrama 14 es llamado 大有 (ta yu), “La Posesión de lo Grande”. The hexagram deals with pleasure that is spiritually meaningful. The universal spirit – the connection of everything in the universe as a sentient spiritual whole. Hello all, I asked Yi “I’m having trouble finding direction in my life. Any advice?” > 14 I am very confused something great is on the way.

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Creative energy is emerging now, connecting the above and the below. Please select the chapter or hexagram below!

14 Great Being DA YOU | I Ching: Mothering Change

This turns outer inspiration and intuitive power into inner perseverance. The great chariot used to carry. There are large supply wagons. Going through the hardship opens the way to real blessing. Elisabeth Haich — Initiation A.

14: Affluence

He will humbly serve the condescending ruler in the fifth place. If it is the only changing line, the hexagram of Wealth is transformed into the thirty-fourth hexagram of Great Power — a most energetic combination of images.

It is not his fullness ; there is no trouble. Line 2 The first lesson after an achievement of success is to stay fluid and mobile.

Your creative judgment is balanced. The image suggests a situation of great potential which could be ruined through bad choices of action. Accumulating in the middle; thus no harm results. Feedback is maximum and cooperative. Providence helps those who live with faith and gratitude, and other people help the one who is true. Impartial action gets through to the ruler. Playing hwxagrama host without understanding the host is how you unwittingly create your own misfortune.


There are no blocks to progress. A superior man’s meat is an inferior man’s poison. The fourth line, dynamic, shows its subject keeping his great resources under restraint. There is no exchanging of hexagramq that is not trouble; if in difficulty then there will be no trouble. He acts in accordance with the nature of hexagraama the will of heaven to enrich his life.

But I feel the opposite may be more accurate for you. The greatest teacher learns by the process of teaching and the most celebrated artists allow their work to lead them. Good fortune that is a blessing from heaven is beneficial to all. His disadvantage is having no association. Nothing that does not further. Wealth of any kind has the most value when used to launch new undertakings for the good of all, rather than to strengthen the elite status of a few, or just yourself.

Line 5 The person who is able to win over others by sincerity and a sense of dignity always finds himself or herself in a favorable position. And remember that while prosperity beats the alternative, it is only one element of a satisfying life.


To develop virtue and repress evil is in accordance with the will of heaven, which has given to all men a nature fitted for goodness. In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me, an invincible summer. This line means that we shall avoid any intercourse with evil. There are many blessings at your disposal that only require that you keep your relationships balanced with sincerity.

He who possesses much — supreme success!

I Ching Hexagram 14 – Ta Yu (Great Possessing) | Cafe au Soul

Avoid creating future harm by guarding against self-indulgence — show consideration by exercising skillful restraint. Great possession is great success. Those who can maintain such qualities, even while responding to improper behavior, have good fortune assured!

Concentrate your energies and share hexagramz fruits of your efforts. Hello all, I asked Yi “I’m having trouble finding direction in my life. Without a display of proper majesty they might otherwise feel too easy, and make no preparation to serve her. Though your advance is temporarily entangled, have no fear. The little man is unworthy of the honor.

Changes to 38 Opposition. Significant, without not Harvesting. He whose truth is accessible, yet dignified, has good fortune.

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