Your reading reflects this combination of desire for romantic partnership (53) and a stand-still (). The best attitude is to look into yourself. You might get value from reading the thread on 53 no change lines over in the Exploring Divination area. Meanwhile as a general rule I see. I Ching Hexagram 53 – Discover the meaning and interpretation of Hexagram 53 Ji’an (Development) from the I Ching Book of Changes.

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Good things can sprout quickly, but the truly delightful take much longer, like a beautiful tree on a mountainside. The time now hexwgrama It will return of itself when this is complete. The diligence of humble people is dutiful and blameless. He is subjected to criticisms because his inexperienced steps are slow and hesitant.

The husband chastised, not returning. This is a sign of good fortune and that love is strong in your life.

The lines refer to the Geese which symbolize a connection between our organic and spiritual nature demonstrated in grace and dignity. There will be no error. Hex 2 I like Ricardo Andree’s take on this one: He will regain his advantage if he does not provoke conflicts but uses his strength more in guarding his own position in line with his available resources and capabilities.


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I Ching Hexagram #53:

The man attains a safe position through docility and pliancy. The woman carries a child but does not bring it forth.

In such cases, the first requirement is to slow down — or climb down — very carefully. Free yourself from all the old dramas. The wife is not pregnant for three years.

Love Interpretation of I-Ching Hexagram #53 –

The indication here is that if you are cautious, and persevere, you will have good fortune. Line 6 top line When gradual development reaches its climax, supreme good fortune results and a great example is set for others.

A time in which hexagramq and sure progress can be made by being receptive and finding the midpoint in all conflicts. The wild goose advances to the slope: Yes The outcome appears positive, i especially like line 6 for a situation like this. Yet it is advantageous to defend against the intruders. You should work diligently, but know that progress will go slowly.

But in the case supposed, his strength in the end would be useful. Small Son encounters adversity. The vehicle of this progression is the wild goose, which also appears in every line. The Image The old character hexagrsma the sign for a river, a waterwheel that brings hexagarma water up and a channel through which it flows. Others may not get us at all and walk on by. Every tree when it begins to grow shows its branches and twigs gradually becoming long. If you haven’t tried one yet, click here to try a free I Ching reading now.


Create enduring connections through adaptable balance. A feather used in religious ritual suggests spiritual thoughts, concepts, truths, aspirations, ideals, etc. Geese gradually proceed to the shoreline. At the outset, the young man begins to make his way in the world. Above mountain possessing wood. Does that help us further? To explain the current hexatrama, after a long journey for us, from being colleagues, to hdxagrama of friends, and sometimes even frenemies, with him sending mixed signals all the time, I blocked all the communication channels except for work.

This is the “Love I-Ching” interpretation.

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