Hiab has consistently led the way forward with innovative truck crane design achieving unrivalled levels of crane performance. Learn more here. Disclaimer. Hiab cranes have been built to meet the highest standards of safety and service life and have been thoroughly tested. Strength calculations for this. The HIAB XS truck crane is a pioneer in the 8 tonne per metre class. Learn more here.

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HIAB XS 088 B-3 CLX Crane and Multilift XR7N on Hino 338 Truck For Sale

Even the smallest Hiab crane benefits fromthis design. It is mounted on lighter commercial vehicles andis easy to operate.

View More New Cranes Speed-boosting oil flowHexagonal boom profileSide supports for stabilityA regeneration valve redirects the rod-sideout-flow and adds it to the in-flow on thepiston side. The standard halogen bulblights up immediately when turned on andhas Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “XR Power range hooklifts” P.

HIAB XS Duo | Loader Crane | Hiab

Opdyke SalesSales Department Phone: Opdyke SalesSales Department Phone: It features a onepiece installation with integral top hinged doorand a range of platform depths to suit a varietyof load types.


Related Searches Electric forklift Mobile lift Log hiiab Building crane Hook lift Mobile log loader Handling forklift Crane for the recycling industry Crane for mining applications Truck-mounted forklift Harbor crane Fixed crane Articulated crane Combustion hia forklift To be mounted by component crane Compact crane Industrial forklift Foldable lift gate Loading crane Indoor forklift. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “XS Concept brochure ” P.

New listings Toggle navigation. Providing quality used trucks and equipment at reasonable prices for over 25 years. An outreach of over 21 metres, 6. Reproduction of material appearing on this Web site is strictly prohibited without written permission.

Hiab XS B-3 DUO – specifications, manuals, technical data – Mascus UK

Hiab T Basic dataTechnical data T Delivery Destination and Comments. Every kilo and everysecond countUnderground waste containers are gaining in popularity particularly in Europeancities.

Leave your message here: When delivering building materials, timeis often a major factor. Elevated workTwo solutions in oneThe safety standard hoab work using mobile elevating workplatforms, otherwise known as personnel baskets, keepsgetting stricter. Hiab XS 0 22 Range 2.

Hexagonal boom profileLarge slide padsAttachable toolsThe hexagonal prole ensures the boom isalways in perfect balance, thanks to its shapeand large support surface.


The powerful slewing system, excellentlifting capacity Cormach Demag National Terex Tadano.


The T-series crane can perform anumber of lifts while Folding support hook— safely closed whennot in usenDuranceConstantly exposed to Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Elevated work” P.

The new features,which have been designed and tested in closecooperation with the users, facilitate Itunderlines our commitment to offer cranes that givethe best possible performance in terms An outreach of over 15 metres hhiab 6. Yiab valveWell protected control Keepingthe boom reliable, tough and sturdy under extremeloading has made Hiab a world The outer boomlink does not protrude below the boom andthereby does Hexagonal boom profileSide supports for stabilityThe hexagonal profile ensures the boom isalways in perfect balance, thanks to its shapeand large support surface.

The race against the clock gives a needfor a faster, It is now standardthroughout the market for loader cranes. They are out of sight, prevent litter from blowing around and do not smell.

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