Abstract. Hildegard Elizabeth Peplau was nationally and internationally known for Born in Reading, Pennsylvania, on September 1, , the. Dr Hildegard Elizabeth Peplau, nursing educator who played major role in Dr. Peplau was born in Reading, Pa., and witnessed the deadly. Hildegard Peplau. Hildegard Elizabeth Peplau (September 1, – March 17, ) was an American nurse who is the only one to serve the.

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She was a prolific writer, and was well known for her presentations, speeches, and clinical training workshops. She wanted more out of life, and knew nursing was one of few career choices for women in her day.

The interpersonal relationship between the nurse and the patient has four distinct phases, which are; orientation in which the nurse and the patient are strangers who need to know one another, identification of the problems requires the combined efforts of the nurse and the patient, exploitation of the available resources by the patient, and resolution which calls for termination of the nurse-patient relationship once the goals have been met.

Surgeon General, the U. They are proud that she continues to be an “inspiration to many. Peplau was hildegrd with numerous awards and honors for her contributions to nursing and held 11 honorary degrees. Perspectives in Psychiatric Care.

Hildegard Peplau – Nursing Theorist

After the war, Peplau was at the table with many of these same men as they worked to reshape the mental health system in the United States through the passage of the National Mental Health Act o Perspectives in Psychiatric Care, and Psychotherapeutic Strategies: Peplau vigorously advocated tht nurses should become further educated so they could provide truly therapeutic care to patients rather than the custodial care that hildegagd prevalent in the mental hospitals of that era. A strong advocate for research in nursingshe served as a consultant to the U.

Publication took four additional years, mainly because Peplau had authored a scholarly work without a coauthoring physician, which was unheard of for a nurse in the ‘s.


She was also elected fellow of the American Academy of Nurse and Sigma Theta Tau, the national nursing honorary society. By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies OKAY. She died peacefully in her sleep at home in Sherman Oaks, California. A very productive writer and a lecturer and presenter at many viography training workshops, she fought for her beliefs and for improvement in mental health nursing education and practice.

Gustav was an illiterate, hard-working father and Otyllie was an oppressive, perfectionist mother. At Rutgers, Peplau created the first graduate level program for the preparation of clinical specialists in psychiatric nursing. Nurse on a Date. During this stage, it is important that a professional relationship is established, as opposed to a social relationship.

Hildegard E. Peplau – Psychiatric Nurse of the Century

Hospitals and physicians considered women in nursing as a source of free or inexpensive labor. She advocates for active participation of both parties in ensuring that the experience is more human. She created the middle-range nursing theory of interpersonal relations, which helped to revolutionize the scholarly work of nurses. This personal experience greatly influenced her understanding of the impact of illness and death on families.

Her ideas have, indeed, stood the test of time. Hilda chose to go to nursing school because of free room and board and a monthly stipend. Nevertheless, she described her nurses training as very interesting and enjoyable.

Conclusion The interpersonal relations theory offers insight into what is expected of the nurse and the patient when confronting health-related problems.

InSpringer published a volume of selected works of Peplau from previously unpublished papers. In more short term relationships, such as a clinic visit, an emergency room peplsu, or a health bus vaccination visit, the termination occurs when the patient leaves, and the relationship is usually less complex.

Peplau was a member of the faculty of the College of Nursing at Rutgers University from until her retirement in With all of Peplau’s accomplishments, her life and career were not without controversy. After the war, Peplau was at the table with many of these same men as they worked to reshape the mental health system in the United States through the passage of the National Mental Health Act of A summer position as nurse for the New York University summer camp led to a recommendation for Peplau to become the school nurse at Bennington College in Vermont.


These three operations are invaluable for the use of nursing as an interpersonal process. Peplau was a member of the faculty of the College of Nursing at Rutgers University from Peplau, 89, one of the world’s leading nurses and theorists, known to many as the “Nurse of the Century,” died March 17th,at her home in ;eplau Oaks, California. Peplau is universially regarded as the “mother of psychiatric nursing. Her daughter became a successful psychologist in Los Angeles.

She wrote that Hilda was a visionary and was constantly pushing beyond where others wanted to go. One of the key aspects of a nurse-client relationship, as opposed to a social relationship, is that it is temporary, and often of short duration Peplau, Peplau began her career in nursing in as a graduate of the Pottstown, Pennsylvania School of Nursing. If they could afford the cost of tuition, some girls went to the normal school to become teachers.

As its proponent, she seeks to define the nurse-patient relationship. Peplau is survived by Dr. She met and worked with all the leading figures in British and American psychiatry. Peplau September 1, hildefard March 17, [1] was an American nurse and the first published nursing theorist since Florence Nightingale.

Hildegard Peplau

She began as an instructor and eventually became the Director of Psychiatric Nursing. Peplau was devoted to nursing education at full length of her career.

There she earned a Bachelor’s degree in interpersonal psychology in When World War II started, Peplau felt as if she needed to serve the country, so she joined the Army Nurse Corps and served as first lieutenant from until Surgeon Bbiography, the U.

Implications of the Institute of Medicine reports for nursing education.

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