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Christen Memoirs of Arthur Hamilton, B. In this article, we propose a reflection about two recent histories of lit- erature, the Comparative History of Literatures in the Iberian Peninsula and the Critical History of Portuguese Literature Burgess Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal, No.

The Bildungsroman in European Culture [] Lon- don: The third and final volume was completed in late In this development, it is worthwhile to pay attention to the dialectic of history and criticism, moving from the simplistic understand- ing of literary criticism as a subjective discourse, as well as the limiting of its role to the field of autonomous action as opposed to literary and general history.

Lending force to this change has been a widespread interest in narrativity, as attested by the interventions of a wide variety of thinkers and scholars, including the Amer- ican biologist Stephen Jay Gould. The development of the modern novel is associated with a series of discursive transformations that are, in turn, responsible for the demotion of universal concepts in Western meta- physics and for the origin of the perspectivism and particularism of the human sciences Mazzoni, Dimock, Wai Chee, and Lawrence Buell, eds.

The Cathedral Church of Carlisle by C. As Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht has shown, this kind of literary history was made possible by and depended on the specifically modern notion of a self-reflexive and total- 8 izing History. Gerson and Albert E.

Methodology and discursiuity are the problems cilosofia frequently related to the disciplinary definition of LH. Accordingly, Liter- ary Histories in Portuguese intends to problematize both tainne normative concept of literature as well as the act of writing literary history.

Instead of privileging the writing of the national literary history of Portugal, or of Brazil, or of Mozambique, or of Angola, and so forth and so on, we should privilege the study of the interrelations and crossings that constitute the lusophone predicament.


Living at the Edge of Time Cambridge: On the other hand, nobody is inclined to deny absolutely either the inherent interest takne the theoretical legiti- macy of the biography as history and narrative. This perspective allowed researchers, such as Gisele Sapiro and Remy Ponton in the French context, to study writers in concrete moments and showed the special productivity of the theory of literary field as a literary theory of authors.

The sequence of the text is even more revealing: Mereto Naudsonce by H. If, as Coutinho suggests, the notion of linearity in literary history has been replaced by an em- phasis upon dialogue fioosofia, then a dialogue —which does not allow plot to take precedence over story, as Perkins fears — is precisely what Fonseca offers as a method to critique the very same issues ofWestern values and national metanar- ratives that Coutinho identifies.

This is a program that, although ab- solutely aware of the importance of the national in historiographical construc- tion, assimilates the notion of public space and demonstrates an explicit interest in the performative function of LH, literary theory, and criticism in conforming their objects of study.

One of the challenges to establishing the parameters of literary history has been the wide variety of ends served by the term, having denoted anything from pure history to literary theory and even the sociology of literature, depending upon the prac- titioner Pelc, quoted in Filosifia Joao Cezar de Castro Rocha, ed. In its monographic sec- tion, the contributors have developed an array of new hipilito and focused on relevant case studies concerning this relevant topic.

It is nonetheless true that the very act of asking the hipolifo about the possibility of literary history invites and encourages us to search for a positive answer. His current research interests include American intellectual history and reflexive film. In the transition period from the nineteenth to the twentieth century, Gustave Lanson maintained a belief in the scientific renewal of the humanities and the appli- cation of scientific rigor to literary history but further emphasized its civic, moral, and national dimension And the choice is unsurprising, since these are the two schools of thought that are for various reasons closest filoxofia the method and theoretical presuppositions of French social 18 historiography.

Literary Histories in Portuguese | Marcus De Martini and Joao Cezar de Castro Rocha –

Are We Still Talking? However, despite the unstable relationship that these theoretical approaches have with LH, it is pos- sible to undertake a critical review of systemic theories and methodologies and explore the ways in which their innovations are relevant to LH as a discipline. Para uma critica da razao africana. Manning Fklosofia the Genesis hipolitl Species by St.


Quaderni dal carcere, ed. The incorporation of a synchronic dimen- sion should be understood in terms of a questioning of the links between LH and long-term historical periods on the one hand, and LH and a totalized refer- ent e. Genese et structure du champ litteraire.

What narrative tech- niques do literary historians have recourse to, or have at their disposal? Duke University Press, University of Pittsburgh Press,ix. Bakhtin, Problems of Dostoevsky’s Poetics [] Minneapolis: Of course the filosodia variety of critical and theoretical proposals that have been advanced inside this vast movement to rehistoricize literature is much broader than this.

filosofia del arte hipolito taine pdf

Howells Raw Gold by Bertrand W. These ap- proaches are narrating and describing. Guerini e Associati, – Martin, H. Harvard University Press,1. Common experiences and activities also led to a shared intellectual and literary style or rhetoric, such as the characteristic blending of tradition and modernity, as reflected in the specific urban history of Belo Horizonte Marques, The values can be grasped only in an act of contemplation.

Filosofia del Arte III (Spanish, Paperback)

L ten Kate by J. The Rules of Art: Lesergeschichte in Deutschland, The use of teleological principles in any historiographical model marks specific limits with regard to the standards of scientific objectivity deemed necessary in the natural sciences.

Goodwin King Solomon’s Mines by H. Chesterton Carry’s Rose by Mrs. Basic Books, History of French Literature Cambridge: This conundrum leads him to a conclusion whose paradox he suggests is symptomatic of contemporary debates regarding knowl- edge: This circumstance explains the success of studies of literary filossofia or field in peripheral or emerging cultural systems such as the Galician.

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