System requirements. Operating system. hMailServer can be installed in the. Configuration tutorial. Overview. This page describes the basics of configuring . The database engine runs inside of hMailServer which means that hMailServer.

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After SpamAssassin has been installed, you can configure hMailServer to use it simply by enabling the integration. Search for message indexes and internal UID’s did not work properly.

If you’re upgrading, the installation program will assume you want to keep the current database and not ask you about it. The same applies if his address matches a route. One reason to change the welcome message is to make it harder for other people to determine what server software you are running. You only need to specify the password the first time you install hMailServer After you have finished the installation, it’s time to start hMailServer Administrator found in the start menu.

The normal setup is to have one account per email address you want to be able to send and receive email from. You can use localhost as server name and whatever port you used for MySQL default is ; Pick the database service from the dropdown so that hMail server can hook to it.

This could have the effect that new messages did not show up in folders.

That would cause hMailServer to try to connect to itself. When creating a new message using the COM interface, the Date-header is now added automatically. If several attachments were blocked in the same email, hMailServer now adds the same number of new attachments describing that the original attachment was removed.

NetLimiter works incorrectly with other software as well including software from Microsoft so it should never be installed hmaklserver the same computer as hMailServer. Feel free to forward such. The implementation has been changed so that hMailServer ignores this client error. Specific error codes focumentation by the recipients server aren’t handled properly. If you configure hMailServer to delete messages from external accounts after X days, they are never deleted from the remote server.


When searching for bmailserver using IMAP and a “Not Deleted” criteria, sometimes incorrect email messages were returned in the response.

Documentation – hMailServer – Free open source email server for Microsoft Windows

This has been decreased to about 0. If an unhandled error occurs while hMailServer is parsing an email message, the. Unquoted service paths would allow a hmailesrver with access to the server where hMailServer runs, but with less privileges than hMailServer, to gain the privileges of hMailServer by creating a new executable and placing it in C: Install Double-click on the downloaded file to launch the setup.

By default, hMailServer comes with 2 different IP ranges. WebAdmin now contains a version check which confirms that the WebAdmin version matches the hmaikserver version. OpenSSL has been upgraded to 0. How do I point it to my specific server in the MX Record? It’s also possible hmailesrver specify more than one address by usingfor example Under host nameenter the public hostname of the computer where hMailServer is running.

Translations of the user interface have been added. It never goes out to the web. Changes made to Active Directory settings were not saved. Improved address syntax validation. In version 5, every spam protection mechanism generates a spam score for an email message. The SMTP relayer setting lets you specify which email server email messages should be delivered to.

In the SpamAssassin settings, there’s now a Test button which allows you documenation easily confirm that the SpamAssassin connection information is correct.


When DataDirectorySynchronizer imports messages from the data root directory, it no longer sends messages to all external recipients of the email messages. Message delivery failed if recipient server did not support EHLO.

The next step is to add accounts to your server. A new event has been added, OnExternalAccountDownload. Messages will still be queued up so no email will be lost.

In hMailServer 5, you can use rules to specify which route should be used when delivering a message. But it leaves a copy of hMailServer. The ‘Allow empty sender hkailserver setting was is inverted. Message object allows you to reload the content of an email message from disk.

This change has been done to prevent duplicate emails from being sent. It’s now possible to check the current number of delivery attempts by accessing the DeliveryAttempt property on the hMailServer.

When restoring a backup, the restore of accounts failed if messages were not restored. The problem occurred if a rule executed a script function which saved a message, and another rule moved the same documengation after that.

Installation tutorial

In the grey listing options you can now choose to bypass greylisting if SPF passes. Sometimes using SpamAssassin resulted in corrupt email messages due to incorrect parsing by SpamAssassin response. Your solution with hMail Server allowes all of this, but… I prefer just to emulate sandmail on a windows machine.

All recipients to particular route kept combined instead of split into individual emails. The installation should take about seconds.

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