HOCUT H. 1. Chemical Product and Company Identification. Product Name. HOCUT H. Company Name. Houghton International Inc. Madison & Van. Hocut H is the most used coolant in the US because it requires minimal maintenance aside from concentration control. Customers enjoy dramatically longer. HOCUT H. DESCRIPTION; APPLICATION / TECHNICAL DATA. Advanced metal working fluid with high lubricating abilities, forming extensive life emulsion .

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Heavy-duty formula; use with ferrous metals, aluminum, copper and brass. It is inherently biostable and is engineered to provide a long service life without souring. Division of Vesco Oil Corporation. Hocut WMF hhocut Hocut fluids are compatible with soft and hard water and are ideal for medium and heavy duty applications. In-use solutions are clean and will not foam.

Hocut 795 H-eu

Stuart Hydrodraw — Synthetic hydroforming lubricant meets the demands of internal water hydraulic systems of high-pressure hydroforming processes; also usable as a lubricant for low-pressure and pressure sequence hydroforming.

Hocut D — Multi-metal coolant is ideal for high or low carbon steels, alloy steels, cast iron, nodular iron and gray iron, and stainless steel. Grinding wheels will remain open and free cutting, while a high cleaning action removes fines to minimize loading.

Hocut B — Recommended for aerospace applications, B is ideal for machining aluminum alloys, titanium, Inconel, stainless steel, composite materials, and exotic alloys.


Houghto-Draw A — Synthetic, water dilutable, colloidal pigmented compound is ideal for deep drawing. Recommended for all alloys and applications, it improves part finish and enhances corrosion inhibition.


Synthetic technology allows water dilution, while providing excellent rust protection to ground surfaces. Extremely high EP and lubricity properties allow it to be used with high alloyed steels and stainless steels.

Contaminants can be removed by settling, skimming, coalescing, laminar separation and filtering.

Houghton Hocut® H

Hocut — The features of Hocut are enhanced with an increased polymer content, which allows use on heavier-duty machining and grinding applications.

Long-lasting chemistry for lower fluid replacement hocuut Eliminates sump-side additives Reduce overall waste volume and spent fluid disposal costs End downtime due to frequent change-outs and additive distribution Extend tool life with superior lubricity Reduce machine wear with no staining or clogging Reduce rejects and impart a superb finish without sticky residue, stains or rust Virtually non-misting Hocut fluids are compatible with soft and hard water and are ideal for medium and heavy duty applications.

Product provides excellent hocug for deep drawing carbon and stainless steel; also excellent on aluminum, copper and brass. Paste-type product provides a uniform layer of product between workpiece and die. Houghto-Draw R — Heavy-duty emulsifiable metalworking fluid handles lubrication requirements 7955 metal forming through machining by adjusting concentration. It allows grinding wheels to run clean with less loading, and extends time between wheel dressing and changes.

Consume stocks according to the order of delivery date FIFO. Hocut MP— Semi-synthetic reduced oil content variant of the Series is clean running and bio-stable. Houghto-Draw — Yocut heavy-duty drawing and stamping fluid is compatible with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including titanium and Inconel. Hocut titanium processing. Hocut H — Sulfo-chlorinated variant of Hocut is used with exotic alloys, titanium, stainless steels, and aluminum where aerospace approvals are not required.


Optimally clean running and bio-stable, it provides a long, odor-free sump life. Drawsol — High EP content product provides excellent corrosion inhibition.

Houghto-Draw handles multiple operations, including 79, piercing, stamping and perforating.

Missouri Tools Company

Hocut — Low foaming coolant for gun hofut and high pressure applications is compatible with hard water; clean running, provides corrosion protection. Houghto-Grind — Product is highly recommended for the high speed surface grinding of metals that require cooling and rust protection with a low foaming additive package. Hocut E — This economical workhorse semi-synthetic is used for the machining and grinding of steel and cast iron.

Lubricity package extends tool life. Houghto-Draw — Non-chlorinated, sulfur-free emulsifiable drawing compound has excellent drawing capabilities; u for ferrous and non-ferrous metals with exceptional results on aluminum. It offers excellent performance at all cutting speeds, and under heavy-duty conditions.

Fenella Fluid D hout Full synthetic, water soluble, high quality coolant can be used for extreme drawing operations. Free from boron, formaldehyde, chlorine, halogen and phenol.

Extremely heavy duty formula can be used in any metal forming operation; recommended for difficult steel and stainless steel operations. It provides good corrosion protection and can be welded through.

Drawsol WM — When used in neat form, this product handles both deep and shallow drawing on heavy gauge steel and tough alloys, and is an excellent alternative for progressive die hocutt. Contact Acculube for technical data, or information on test processing.

Contains only TRGS approved hocuf.

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