THE subject of the Inspiration of the Bible is one which has been much . to our own Charles Hodge and Henry B. Smith, the one of whom asserts that the Bible. Archibald Hodge and Benjamin Warfield published this article together in The Presbyterian Review 6 (April ). It quickly drew notice for its scholarly and. It seemed fitting then to highlight this little gem from the modern grand-daddies of the doctrine of Inspiration, Archibald Hodge and B.B. Warfield.

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The prima facie evidence of the claims of Scripture is assuredly all in favor of an errorless infallibility of all Scriptural affirmations. The events recorded by Matthew are: Fisher most wisely rests his charge against the complete harmony of the four Evangelists, viz: The general Providence unfolding this plan has always been divine, yet has also been largely natural in its method while specially directed to its ends, and at the same time surcharged along portions of its line, especially at the beginning and at great crises with the supernatural, as a cloud is surcharged with electricity.

Only nine real places can be found in a long list of geographical names, invented for the need. It seemed fitting then to highlight this little gem from the modern grand-daddies of the doctrine of Inspiration, Archibald Hodge and B. The laws which ought to govern quotation seem, indeed, to have been very inadequately investigated by those who plead the New Testament methods of quotation against inspiration.

If this census was begun under Varus and finished under Quirinius, Christ may have been born, according to Luke, at any time during the progress of this census. And this argument is every day acquiring greater force from the results of the critical study of Scripture, and from advanced knowledge in every department of history and science, which continually tend to solve difficulties and to lessen the number of apparent discrepancies.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Nor does he represent Mary as being forced to go to Bethlehem with Joseph; her own choice, doubtless, determined her journey. Nor should we ever allow it to be believed that the truth of Christianity depends upon any doctrine of inspiration whatever. Read more Read less. In dealing with sceptics it is not proper to begin with the evidence which immediately establishes Inspiration, but we should first establish Theism, then the historical credibility of the Scriptures, and then the divine origin of Christianity.

No matter how in other respects generated, the Scriptures are a product of human thought, and every process of human thought involves language. Objection 5 is the most important and difficult — but not, therefore, insuperable.


He is brought into place and set to work at definite providential junctures, the occasion affording him object and motive, giving form to the writing God appoints him to execute. And in nature we can trace this all the way from the instinct of the bee, which works mechanically, to the magic play of the aesthetic instincts which largely constitute the genius of a great artist. I just read another somewhat related post about this subject — from the complete opposite end of the spectrum neo-orthodoxy.

And while they did so, God endorsed their teaching and their claims with signs and wonders and divers miracles!

If you have any dealings with the discipline of bible criticism, either higher or lower you need to read this work. The second performs the same service for a still greater number, which amount simply to the discovery of individual traits, modes of thought or expression, or forms of argumentation in the writings of the several authors of the Biblical books.

But surely it must be carried on with infinite humility and teachableness, and with prayer for the constant guidance of the gracious Spirit.

And it thus becomes our duty to examine some samples of the chief classes of facts usually appealed to. The possibility of supernatural interference, and the actual occurrence of that interference in the origin of our Bible; and, 2. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Josephus not only mentions nothing he could escape which exhibited Jewish subjection, but actually passes over the decade,so slightly that he can hardly be said to have left us a history of that time.

Yet all these elements are unavoidably incidentally involved in the statements of Scripture.


They are written in human languages, whose words, inflections, constructions, and idioms bear everywhere indelible traces of human error. Do the New Testament writers so quote the Old Testament as to falsify it?

The human agency, both in the histories out of which the Scriptures sprang, and in their immediate composition and inscription, is everywhere apparent, and gives substance and form to the entire collection of writings. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

Warcield of course do not propose to exhibit this evidence in this article. Here also, however, most of the objections urged prove nothing but a radical lack of clear thinking on the part of those who bring them. And it is abundantly plain that it must be shown to be impossible to harmonize any two statements on any natural supposition, before they can be asserted to be hodgs.

And we receive as belonging to the New Testament all, and only those books which an apostolically instructed age testifies to have been produced by the apostles or qarfield companions, i. If you are of a conservative leaning this will strengthen your faith. So with reference to the titles of the rulers of Achaia, Philippi, Ephesus, etc. Another favorite charge made against these writers is, they are often hopelessly inconsistent with one another in their statements, and this charge of disharmony has sometimes been pushed so far as to make it do duty even against their historical insplration.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Hodgf Posted by Derek Rishmawy. This, because Luke ii. Get inspiiration, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The legitimate proofs of the doctrine, resting primarily on the claims of the sacred writers, having not been rebutted by valid objections, that doctrine stands doubly proved.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. It would assuredly appear that as no organism can be stronger than its weakest part, that if error be found in any one element, or in any class of statements, certainty as to any portion could rise no higher than belongs to that exercise of human reason to which it will be left to discriminate the infallible from the fallible.

Yet he ascribes it to Jeremiah. Reformation21 incompletely reformed thoughts on God, ministry, and life.

Inspiration: Archibald A. Hodge, Benjamin B. Warfield: : Books

At the present time the advocates of the strictest doctrine of Inspiration, in insisting that it is verbal, do not mean that in any way the thoughts were inspired by means of the words, but simply that the divine superintendence, which we call Inspiration, extended to the verbal expression of the thoughts of the scred writers, as well as to the thoughts themselves, and that, hence, inspiraiton Bible considered as a record, an utterance in words of a divine revelation, is the Word of God to us.

The natural darfield came from all sources, as traditions, documents, testimonies, personal observations, and recollections; by means also of intuitions, logical processes of thought, feeling, experience, etc.

This is true except in that comparatively small element of the whole body of sacred writing, in which the human authors simply report the word of God objectively communicated, or as in some of the prophecies they wrote by Divine dictation.

Many of these, because of defective knowledge or interpretation upon our part, present points of apparent confusion or error. If not then I hope you come to understand the verbal- plenary inspiration of the Holy Scriptures. His circumcision eight days after 4 ; 6.

Both exist alike in man, with whom intelligence predominates, and in the higher animals, with whom instinct predominates.

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