Wow. I really hope Nikon can fix this quickly .. “Thus, because of the apparent widespread nature of the problem and Nikon’s response to it. Nikon Ds — avoid; even a D is a better camera today; Nikon D — Recommended (best all-around ILC ); Nikon D Simple question to those that have purchased the D/E ebook by Thom Hogan if you’ve read through it, do you think it was worth getting.

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I’ve outlined what I think are the best steps to take to try to figure out if your camera has a problem. While the product is being fixed they relax and have a beer The D has been the best of cameras, the D has been the worst of cameras.

Thom Hogan D800/E Guide Bittorrent = +7,000 peers

A number of people have complained about the slight change of right hand position and location of the shutter release on the D models and D4 for that matter. He did offer me with an page alternative manual that both went into more detail about the camera than the factory manual, and provided me a change history of features from prior Nikon DSLRs.

The system looks at a split set of data received at the autofocus sensors, measures the difference, then tells the lens to move the direction and distance it calculates. At the Speed of Africa Day 7: But if you couldn’t see the Live View screen, it didn’t make much difference what the white balance was, did it?

Nikon DSLR Reviews | Cameras and Photography Explained | Thom Hogan

How do I frame a self-timer shot with me in it? I tend to value Thom more than Ken Rockwell but that’s not saying much. Just Another Day in Moremi 8. I gather that, when the left focus point is off, it’s very off.

How should I clean it? I talked with Nikon’s tech rep. Does photographing laser light shows damage a sensor?


May Nikon News Offense or Defense? On theory, the D is a great camera, if the camera is working properly, it is the best ever and I do not have any doubt about it but some of them and we don’t know how many, came faulty.

So all those camera hypochondriacs hear the Internet Amplification Effect about “the focus problem,” go out and try to focus something with the left autofocus sensor, see anything other than snap sharp focus, and decide their camera suffers from the left-autofocus sensor problem.

Thom Hogan’s Guide to the Nikon D | Spike’s Photos

Sidebar [Skip] Web Search dslrbodies. You are gambling to some degree when you buy a D Do you ever update your works? A number of people have complained about the short red highlight when you move focus sensors they should program their center button to show autofocus position; you get a longer highlight when the center button is pressed.

The camera may be unable to focus in the following situations: I polled local dealers here and there are no reports of this issue. Don’t buy books that were rushed into print and expect them to be accurate Can you enumerate the places wherein he published inaccuracies?

He’s the only web commentator whose opinion I have consistently trusted and respected. Just look how much interest this one thread has generated here!

You use live view to get the best possible image given any shortcomings of your lens etc. I heard that my sensor may have dead pixels in it. Why do you seem to be so negative about teleconverters? I manually focussed to infinity between shots less fiddly with AF-S! His statement ” They are not cameras for everyone, however. No, to this day I still see a few reports of brand new cameras having weaker left side focus than center or right and needing addressing by Nikon’s repair stations.

It’s a guide then you have had your money’s worth! There’s something stuck to my mirror. Either take the chance by buying one of the initial batches, or go enjoy yourself for a few more months until all of the vigilante testwork has been done.


Note also that on the small Kindles, page margins and Amazon’s PDF support can make the type smaller than some people like–try orienting the page horizontally, where Amazon gets the margins right. I do agree with Lisa. I don’t have enough stats yet to trust publishing a list of these, but it seems pretty clear that a few common pre-UDMA CompactFlash cards fall into this category.

He is merely voicing his opinion that for the present he cannot recommend this camera because of his understanding of the prevalence of the issue and more importantly his perception of Nikon’s response to the problem. Why is this discussion relevant, but more importantly why the global comment about ‘Not recommended’? This is going to bother those with transitional lens glasses a lot, I think, as they move their eye position to get the best correction from their glasses.

Opinion: Thom Hogan’s D800/E eBook

So I have no complaints other than shaking it one too many times. May be it’s Thom. Hogann I think Thom does Nikon a service here. You’re a candidate for some of the better Zeiss manual focus lenses, maybe the PC-Es if you know how to use them, and only a handful of other lenses.

All I see hogsn a blinking low battery indicator. Which Nikkors Have Flourine Coating? Even if your D is not perfect you should not stop making good pictures. How do I stack teleconverters? The D doesn’t have the read noise limitations that the D3, D3s, and D had.

But it’s the old Nikon giveth and taketh thing: However I was annoyed by the barrel wobble and AF noise and got the 1. What Good is Nikon Message Center?

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