Hole in My Life is an American autobiography of Jack Gantos and was published by Macmillan Publishers in In the book was honored with Michael. Teenage readers will appreciate Jack Gantos’s frankness in his jail memoir, Hole in My Life, says Keith Gray. After penning a number of novels for preteens, including the Joey Pigza books and the Jack series, Gantos makes a smooth transition as he addresses an older .

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But what was inspiring was that he had always wanted to be an author and even through all the crazy experiences and circumstances he went through, he was ganttos to lkfe his I had this book signed by Jack Gantos when I met him a couple of years ago and had intended to read it since then. Croix to New York is really interesting and unusual.

The Lice York Times. View Full Version of PW. There would be no reason for someone who doesn’t like the subject of this plant to read this. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. It is clear that Gantos is meant to be writer. It also perhaps serves as an illustration of the workings of an adolescent mind bereft of strong family support.

Hole in My Life – Jack Gantos – Google Books

The quote from Oscar Wilde sums up why this IS a good bi This young adult autobiography is a candid account of a young man whose aspirations to become a writer would not be fulfilled before he made some bad decisions and suffered the consequences.

However, after a year and a half in prison he applied to college, was accepted. All things considered the book was an awesome work of literature. He is young and foolish and believes in some way in his own invincibility, until it all comes crashing down around him in the form of a federal indictment on drug smuggling charges.


Hole In My Life Reader’s Guide

This book takes us on his journey, from his young life in Florida to his higher teen years in the Virgin Islands where his family moved so his father could find work. Without enough direction and self-confidence young people are tempted to drift into mg harmless activities like pot-smoking, drug-using, and unintentional drug-smuggling and dealing.

However, he saw sense and turned himself in. The reason i say that is because this is about a pot head that goes to prison for selling weed. Despite thinking vaguely, “Boy, dude, that was a dumb decision,” the reader can simultaneously sympathize with nearly every decision he makes–which surprised me, as someone who could never imagine doing what he did. I thought the book was really good because he was Jack Gantos used a lot of imagery and that helped me get a real sense of what he was talking uole.

When I finished “Hole in My Life,” there was a little one in mine because I missed the narrator so much.

In prison, Gantos wallows in self pity, until a series of fortunate events land him a job as an X-ray technician and he begins to see the way out. I do understand that it is somewhat dated, pife the message is perfect. May 06, Jonathan Kranz rated it it was amazing Shelves: Apr 23, Melissa rated it liked it.

See all 20 questions about Hole in My Life…. He holr out of prison a bit earlier because he applies to a university for creative writing course and begins a new life by selling Christmas trees.

Views Read Edit View history. Jack Gantos was a main character who was oh so confused with what to do with his life, he wanted to write but could never get himself to actually complete something. However, the book’s real strength lies in the window it gives into gamtos mind of an adolescent without strong family support and living in the easy drug culture of the s.


Open Preview See a Problem? His parents had moved to St Croix in the Virgin Islands, but lofe was in Florida, supposedly preparing for university. When we are young, we all believe we are invincible, some of us still do. But running just beneath the action is the story of how Gantos — once he was locked up gahtos a small, yellow-walled cell — moved from wanting to be a writer to writing, and how dedicating himself more fully to the thing he most wanted to do helped him endure and ultimately overcome the worst experience of his life.

Getting caught by the FBI and sentenced to gantow up to six years in the state penitentiary was, of course, never part of the plan.

Hole in My Life by Jack Gantos

Sep 29, Ryan F rated it really liked it. Again, the narration is a bit unreliable, which makes for a great read.

This is a short, fast, gripping read 4 discs, if you get the audio CD. Faced with the horrors of prison life, Gantos decides not to look back, not to make the same mistakes again, though he’ll inevitably make others.

Hole in My Life

After his senior year in high school where he lived in a welfare motel hoel moved to a Caribbean island St Croix and began to train as a builder. I read the book first.

Gantos is very candid

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