Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Joe Speaker, a junkie and barker at a San : Homeboy: A Novel eBook: Seth Morgan: Kindle Store. Joe Speaker, a junkie and barker at a San Francisco strip joint, finds a carat blue diamond that involves him in a murder/blackmail deal and lands him in jail. Seth Morgan, who won acclaim last spring for his first novel, ”Homeboy,” which drew on his experiences in the drug culture of San Francisco.

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It is also a chilling portrait of life inside California’s notorious prisons and how Joe managed to survive doing his time day by day.

Calling ‘Mambo Mephiste’ the definitive Mardi Gras novel makes it sound like there is an established genre of carnival novel which has completely escaped me so far. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Great work of ribald fiction. InMorgan dropped out of U. I’m now rather fond of exclaiming “shitfire” whenever possible–which is pretty much the tag-line for the main character’s stripper girlfriend.

Skip to Main Content Area. Seth briefly attended Berkeley. This offbeat novel is outstanding and certain to be talked homebpy. Prison seemed to straighten him out. Als lezer zit het moelijkste werk dan ook erop na die verwarrende openingshoofdstukken.

Neglected Authors: Seth Morgan | LitReactor

Homebooy or register to post comments. Morgan drew from his own experiences with San Francisco drug culture and prison in order to write what the New York Times called “an unnerving and utterly persuasive rendition of hell. It was years before I’d heard that Mambo Mephiste wasn’t to be.

Feb 14, Scott Mock rated it really liked it. And I nomeboy reading some book review my buddy Craig Clevenger posted on the internet about nomeboy guy Seth Morgan, and I was all, “hey, that’s the book I bought in New York! But for all the intricacies of plot, the real pleasures of Homeboy are found in its relentless excess. Since most of his profits go srth his arm, Joe supplements his income with an occasional heist, or by pimping his busty Tex-Mex squeeze, known on the runway as “”Kitty Litter.


Its an adventure and pretty damn funny, worth a look maybe if you like chuck pahulnuik,or irvine walsh? And he loves his alliterations, almost too much, like it was some sort of addiciton itself.

I learned that comin up in Nawlins. This was a man who was with Janis Joplin when she died, who had done his ‘finding himself’ journey across America on a Harley Davidson.

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A Van Nuys surgeon had simply injected a couple of gallons of silicone into her chest with a syringe the size of a cake decorator. With an amazing descriptive verbosity slightly reminiscent of Wolfe’s Electric Kool-Aid and a sense of hellish despair that has been likened to Hoemboy Burroughs, Morgan has peopled this novel with the most unforgettable and tragic characters line Rings And Things who acquired her nickname after a three homebpy drug addled sojourn with a motorcycle gang, only to wake up with every inch of her tattooed and every orifice and protrusion pierced and adorned with jewelry.

He received a five-figure advance on the paperback and a six-figure film deal was in the works. Folks referred to socalled good women as women of character. Return to Book Page. Full of forensic and unglamorous detail.

Geen idee dus hoe dat gaat aflopen, maar ik kan me amper voorstellen dat het een teleurstelling wordt.

Morgan has been cited as a major influence on the works of Will Christopher Baer and Craig Clevenger. A jail guard dies during a prison riot from blood loss, having been repeatedly anally raped with his baton. And that was it until about four months later and I was home in LA. A drunken Morgan had crashed his Harley into a house formerly owned by Jack London. In it, Morgan used several experiences from his own life, including time spent as a barker in San Francisco and his prison term for armed robbery.


Neglected Authors: Seth Morgan

It’s just too dense, and convoluted for me to understand I can be kind of a dumbass at times. Jul 14, Setg rated it it was amazing. Bernard’s School alumni Novelists from New York state. The Obsessions and Passions of Janis Joplin. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Speaker wordt na zowat een derde van het boek gevat en de gevangenis ingestuurd, maar de zoektocht naar het juweel en hem gaat intussen verder.

Seth Morgan (novelist)

Homeboywith all its extremes, may have been his kamikaze gesture, or maybe it was just a redemptive one. How I’d never heard of this book before is beyond me. Seth David Morgan April 4, – October 17, was an American novelistwho published one book, Homeboy[1] and was working on a second novel when he died.

I can’t sample it adequately for you but you deserve to know it for yourself. At the time of his own death in a motorcycle accident, Morgan was under contract for a second novel, set in New Orleans and titled Mambo Mephiste. Jun 02, Kit Fox rated it it was amazing. I looked at the book in his hand, it was Homeboy by Seth Morgan. Open Preview See a Problem?

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