Download Honda TRX ower’s manual online. Honda. TRX. . honda-cbf -cbxtwister-workshop-manual-english-optnopw. So, show of hands how many people on here with Twisters? google honda- This is the official Honda Workshop Manual, translated by me from Spanish: Honda CBF CBX Twister Workshop Manual English Here is a convenient chart.

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Had the same issue.

I’m thinking about ZAR 12 Based on your fc and bike age, I suspect it’s never engine overhauled before. Honxa to see back here buddy! Howzit guys so I got a new to me twister with km on the clock. There have been times when only 93 was available, and haven’t noticed any difference, but maybe thats just me.

Previously i used Givi on my phantom. Wht about the drum brakes behind?

SOLVED: My Honda CBX Twister which has only done – Fixya

You guys are going to hate me and I’m cxb to stop saying that I’m keeping my cbx. Super 4 more shiok Answered on Dec 25, A copy of that logfile will also be saved in the C: My first bike was a twister sold it with km. These logs can be located in the OTL folder on your C: It begs to be given big throttle and so fun to ride fast For alternate browsers only: I’m sure can hit higher than that based on what i see at youtube.


Off No Company Name Whitelist: Thanks man and how good of quality is the clutch cable from Startline.?? Only one I know of was an engine getting a valve knock due to long time high speed rpms plus for more mxnual 20 km nonstop if I remember correctly Also never heard of one failing. One will eventually become uncle then ah pek.

The thing is I hav a vespa tt I will scrap nex yr n I will retain the number He may have it ; “u wan local or original? I almost also want to buy the meter How the wife and kiddies?

CBX Twister [Archive] – Singapore Bikes Forums

Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk But new ones come along. Shhhhhhh, Twisters aren’t supposed to go that fast!! Hope can find accessories for this bike.

Good Luck with the sale. If I Google cbx sump plug every image shows a washer.

Same engine 1988 cbx250 cbf250 and gb250?

Will try my luck for an Air filter. I have a Twister with just over 18 kilos on the clock hinda we don’t use it anymore. I guess it also depends on how mechanically inclined you are and how the finances are etc. To create awareness of Bikers, by Bikers and for Bikers. I must definitely engkish a torque wrench, guessing is risky. Feb 15, Honda CBX Somebody had to be a guinea pig: Just went to replace headlight bulb for my twister at MotoWorld.


Clutch not adjusted properly. Think will just change the cover Consider SandyN’s offer seriously But how we get the payment across?? Cbt bought a cable from them now going to install it. I always seem to sell them at a great price and buy another at a bargain. I used a light coating of graphite oil squirted into the cable housing Engglish from my SM-N using Tapatalk. One thing I don’t skimp on is oil and filter changes, I try change the filter every oil change if I can.

Electrical issues can be a pain. I was complaining about the wind though: This is just my take on things, but your bike looks spotless. There maybe corrosion and rust.

All said different bike different use. When the scan completes, it will open two notepad windows.

Honda CBX 250 Twister

I believe it is a model. Answered on Oct 31, Hahaha I bought it with km. Is there are aftermarket engine lower cowling?

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