The kit I am using is Tamiya’s fabulous Supermarine Spitfire which is recognised everywhere as the best detailed and most. 9/12/ This is my next build. As you can see I’ve assembled some aftermarket bits produced by Roy Sutherland (BarracudaCals and. Single Issue – How to Build the Tamiya Spitfire 3rd Edition model company Tamiya has released Spitfire , and kits in scale.

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The kit lets you choose retracted or deployed landing gear with a clever method of attachment, along with two sets of landing gear legs and covers. Supermarine was already planning production of the Spitfire VIII, which was to be powered by the Merlin series of engines, with a two-stage supercharger, providing performance that promised to meet the challenge of the big bad Wulf.

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Quick Builds – Tamiya 1/32 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc

It had better fly with all that lot in it!! I started with the cockpit as per the instructions.

Just a couple of pictures to show that I am still plugging all be it very slowly away at my Spitfire. Sign in Already have an account? Luckily they are provided in the Eduard etch set. Thanks mate – TBH you really have to be very ham fisted not to a great model from the Tamiya kit, however like all kits buld does benefit from a few additions, just to spice it up like.


Time was now tsmiya the essence if Fighter Command was not to give up the advantage won over northern France at such high cost.

Tamiya 1/32 scale Supermarine Spitfire | Finescale Modeler Magazine

The sequence is shown in the photos below. Very nice start Kev, there is some very nice looking detail in the mouldings, with the extra photo etch you have this is going to look amazing https: This can easily be scribed in.

FF-Y is an airplane that is well known for having been one of four Spitfire IXs photographed in formation over London by the father of aviation-photography-as-art, the hhow Charles Brown, in December The plane that I want to replicate was from anyone any ideas as to which one would be the correct?

Tamiya has molded the cowling parts as thinly as possible. Nice one, looks a lovely kit The end display sounds interesting too, look forward to it. A great kit and content, can’t wait to see it come together Admin hoow Daran – I don’t think it’ll be this weekend, though that depends on whether I can stop myself from sitting on my hands!!

By that I mean all the wires, hoses, tubes, etc. Review Your review is important to us as well as other hwo. My primary reference was The Super-marine Spitfire, Part 1: The whole cockpit then sits in the fuselage sides and these can be joined together — the fit is exceptional. The Tamiya kit IS the best kit and with all the upgrades you have, it has been elevated to Rolls Royce status!! User Profile Hide User Posts. Well I thought I’d make a start on my Spitfire as I’m letting my Dakota sit over night to let the decal softening solutions dry thoroughly COM Enter keywords or a search phrase below: The next time I build one of these, I will assemble the internal structure – sans engine – and glue the panels at the outset.

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Tamiya 1/32 Spitfire Mk IXc – Work in Progress – Aircraft –

IX so the build will be as per option. By using this site, you agree to this use. I did ramiya out the lightening holes in the cockpit frames before assembly but this is not really that necessary as a dark wash will highlight them just as well.

The deliveries are handled by each of our publishing partners. By the Spring ofthe Spitfire IX had given the RAF back equality of equipment vis-a-vis the two elite Luftwaffe Geschwadern on the Channel Front, while increasing numbers eventually provided air superiority.

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In the box, the kit is either an early or late production Spitfire IXc, providing options for the different carburetor air intake and different elevators associated with these slightly-differing sub-types. Tom – It certainly is a great kit and the level of detail in the standard kit is awesome enough without adding any upgrades!! Great Scale Modeling Cockpit I started with the cockpit as per the instructions. Want to leave a comment?

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