Learn how to use the lensatic compass used by the US Military. Plotting a bearing on a map using a round lensatic compass. Sighting the bearing. To determine our location we are going to combine two pieces of information. Use a compass to explore, navigate, map terrain and travel around the Engineers, the engineer compass is also called a lensatic compass.

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Hold the compass steady and level, and up to your face. The location we sighted the bearing to the cabin is where the back compaass intersects the lake shore. Set up correctly, when the bezel mark and needle are aligned, the sighting wire points at the chosen landmark. To check your process, and even add a little more accuracy to it, uwe another feature and perform the same steps. How to Read an Engineer Compass.

So the tritium will continue emitting “light” for quite a long time before it goes completely dark.

Lensatic Compass Guide

Rotate the bezel on the face of the compass until the indicator is comlass over the “north” position indicated by an upper case “N”. Point of Interest In addition to degrees to measure directions in a circle, the military also uses 6, mils. Use a compass to explore, navigate, map terrain and travel around the world. Steady the compass by allowing the hand holding the compass to rest in the cupped palm of your other hand. Do not move your head, but raise and lower your eyes when taking the azimuth using an engineer compass.


My page, fully illustrated book is yours for the asking. In our example will will extend the line as a back bearing. A round lensatic compass has no straight edge to align.

Take your lensatic compass and open it up all the way so it is one flat line. Resection with a lensatic compass is a process whereby you can determine your own location from that of two known points in the distance.

Don’t even consider using the hood or tailgate of a vehicle. If you don’t, visit the page just hyperlinked. It has a half life of about 12 years. This means that at around the 12 year mark, the ho in your lensatic compass will have radiated about half the energy that it has to offer. Two parts of this line include the sighting wire, which you can align with things that are visible on the map, compss the center of the rotating compass card.

L ook ho the sighting slot and find some target a tree, boulder, whatever that lines up with your sighting wire. It’s important to hold your compass stable, squarely in front of you, and level. The bezel clicks as it moves–three degrees for every click. That line should intersect reasonable close to where the other lines crossed. When hiking, use a map to help you navigate unfamiliar terrain.

We can abbreviate to either mils Mag. Lensaric the compass with your thumb fully in the thumb ring, and your index finger wrapped around and gripping the circular part of the underneath of the compass’s base.


The declination diagram may not be drawn with an accurate angle, or the angle may not represent the current declination.

How to Read an Engineer Compass | Sciencing

Lensatjc order to detect any errors we may have made, it is recommended that you plot at least one additional bearing to a different known location. That way you skip the math, the protractor, the lines, and get it all done quicker.

For this task, the lensatic compass really shines. But a compass can never lose connection to the GPS satellites and will never run out of batteries.

Tilt the lens bracket approximately 30 degrees from the perpendicular position of the compass.

Plotting a bearing on a map using a round lensatic compass

How to Lensayic a Bushnell Voyager Telescope. According to United States Army Corps of Engineers, the engineer compass is also called a lensatic compass. You want to find your position using the technique of partial resection, so you need to know that tower’s bearing with a high degree of accuracy.

Refer back to this “reality check” occasionally during plotting to make sure what you are doing makes sense.

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