This item:Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution by Howard Rheingold Howard Rheingold is a leading authority on the social implications of technology. From Tokyo to Helsinki, Manhattan to Manila, Howard Rheingold takes us on a journey around the world for a preview of the next techno-cultural shift-a shift he. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The title of this book is a mild pun. People are Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution – Kindle edition by Howard Rheingold. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or.

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He learned that the demonstrators in the anti-WTO protests used dynamically updated websites, cell-phones, and “swarming” tactics in the “battle of Seattle,” and that a million Filipino citizens toppled President Estrada in through public demonstrations organized by salvos of text messages. This is a great way to introduce people to the programs and ideas possible with today’s technology. And demonstrators in Seattle and Manila relied on wireless telephones to coordinate their actions and evade barricades.

Even though Rheingold wrote this foray into the world of Scandinavian and Japanese text messaging back init appears the US still hasn’t entirely caught up with them and a lot of the points he makes rheingolr as prevalent today as they were more than half rheinold decade ago a feat, considering the rapid progression of today’s hkward by old-timey standards.

Preview — Smart Mobs by Howard Rheingold.

Their mobile devices connect them with other information devices in the environment as well as with other people’s telephones. In major cities, Rheingold says, techno-hipsters can congregate in “WiFi” areas that interact with their wireless devices to let them participate in a virtual social scene.

Today, at least for local, neighbourhood or small community networks, the technology no longer requires control of the frequencies. Ultimately, I walked away from this book This is a great way to introduce people to the programs and ideas possible with today’s technology. The invited guests wear only white clothes and gather at a chosen spot, knowledge of which they have only a short time beforehand.

View Full Version of PW. Refresh and try again. It’s not the Internet per se, but the emerging potential for any individual to communicate—for free and anonymously if necessary—with any other individual.

For him, the potential of the technology lies here:.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Proof of this book’s prescience and relevance exist in the fact that I am publishing this review to an open forum, without monetary gain on multiple online social networks. Click on a restaurant and warn your friends that the service has deteriorated. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I’m new to Goodreads but mbos do my best to check in from time to time.


It’s now defunct, although I was able to find a lot of my friends from there moba reconnect on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – all of these are connected to the ideas that Rheingold writes about in this book. According to Rheingold, examples of smart mobs are the street protests organized by the anti-globalization movement. Oct 12, Lydia rated it really liked it. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Or will they be consumers, constrained from innovation and locked into the technology and business models of the most powerful entrenched interests?

Individuals who have divergent worldviews and methods have been able to coordinate short-term. Fighting IR35 in Parliament”. Communications Expert; Author, Smart Mobs.

The entire s scheme for regulating the use of the electromagnetic spectrum is thrown into question by the invention of “cognitive radios” and other wireless howaard that put power into the hands of user communities rather than central broadcasters. And reading of other people’s cleverness made me try to think more cleverly too.

Smart Mobs – Wikipedia

Agents, John Brockman and Katinka Matson. When this book was published, I was in 8th grade and mb zip drives were the hottest technology to enter my school. Please help to improve this article by introducing gheingold precise citations.

When he lacks the mbos to tarry, his researcher is busy back in the library digging out the latest news from the research journals, and this news is incorporated into the story. Better than “Crowdsourcing,” even if they explore slightly different subjects – the premises are pretty similar.

Will the architecture and regulation of the emerging wireless Internet be dictated by and empower a few large, highly centralized institutions such as corporations and governments, or will it favor the cooperative innovations of millions of citizens – the way the architecture and regulation of the wired Internet made the Web possible?

Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution

Language, the alphabet, cities, the printing press did not eliminate poverty or injustice, but they did make it possible for groups of people to create cooperative enterprises such as science and democracy that increased the health, welfare, and liberty of howarr.


Drivers in the UK used mobile communications to spontaneously smwrt organize demonstrations against rising petrol prices. In particular, the technology brings the possibilities of surveillance to new levels:. Judy and I have been together for 45 years! The event has been held each year in different places in the centre of Paris.

Outdated, obvious analysis that fails to delve into the philosophical or functional meaning of social technology. Apr 02, mcburton rated it liked it Recommends it for: Thanks for telling us about the problem. There are the dangers as well as opportunities concerning smart mobs.

Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution by Howard Rheingold

The concept was introduced by Howard Rheingold in his book Smart Mobs: Theingold is a nice exploration of the phenomenon, its technological origins and implications for the future. In my opinion we hold the future of journalism, the future of education, smartt future of social interaction in our society; in the palm of our hands.

Will users of mobile rheingld pervasive technologies have the power to cloak, give away, or sell their personal data clouds—or to know who is inspecting them? Remember the Flash Mob craze?

I don’t think half the stuff really sank in when I read it in Combining the data storage, mobx, and communication power of millions of PCs makes possible entirely new kinds of science, business, and social enterprise, based on the emergent power of millions of individuals.

Although state-sponsored surveillance and much commercially motivated data collection is conducted for the most part without the consent of knowledge of the surveillant, issues of privacy today are complicated by the voluntary adoption of technologies that disclose private information to others. Aug 17, lohee marked it as to-read.

SMART MOBS: The Next Social Revolution

In Tokyo, he accompanied emart of teenagers as they converged on public places, coordinated by text messages. These technologies that empower smart mobs include the Internetcomputer-mediated communication such as Internet Relay Chatand wireless devices like mobile phones and personal digital assistants.

Sep 06, Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves:

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