Manuals or user guides for your HP xw Workstation (ENERGY STAR). View and Download HP Xw service and technical reference manual online. Workstation. Xw Desktop pdf manual download. View and Download HP Xw – Workstation – 2 GB RAM installation manual online. HP xw and Z Series Workstations – LSI 8-port SAS RAID Controller.

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The warranties for HP products are set forth in wor,station express limited First Edition, September warranty statements accompanying such products. Installing or upgrading device drivers Restoring the Linux operating system on preloaded workstations Asset tracking and security Product overview This chapter presents an overview of the hardware components of the HP xw Workstation, including the following topics: The following figure shows the HP xw Workstation system board block diagram.

Figure System board block diagram Workstation components The following figure shows the components of a typical HP xw Workstation.

Drive configurations can vary. Front panel components The following figure shows the front panel components of a typical HP xw Workstation. Rear panel workatation The following figure shows the rear panel components of a typical HP xw Workstation. The serial number labels can usually be found on the top panel or on the side or rear of the workstation.

Workstztion this number available when contacting customer service for assistance. This section describes the power supply and lists its specifications. Do not exceed Mqnual of 5-V and 3.

Do not exceed Do not exceed W of total woorkstation output power. Power supply specifications Table Power supply specifications Item Description Power supply watt custom power supply — Resetting the power supply If an overload triggers the power supply overload protection, all power is immediately disconnected. To reset the power supply: Disconnect the power cord from the workstation. Determine what caused the overload and fix the problem.

See System diagnostics and troubleshooting on page for troubleshooting information. Dual- and quad-core processors The HP xw Workstation supports dual- and quad-core processors that provide two or four true processors in a single socket. Dual- and quad-core processors are better at handling the load of multi- threaded applications such as rendering images in Digital Content Creation and highly multi-tasked environments such as running several productivity applications while listening to music.

Workdtation the software When you first power on the workstation, the operating system is configured.

After you have selected a language during the initial boot of the operating system, the language is locked on the hard drive. If the system is restored using HP Backup and Recovery, only the previously selected language can be installed. DVD looks for the language stored on the hard drive and restores only the original preinstalled language.

HP Recovery Partition is removed, the recovery partition is deleted, the user partition is extended to reclaim the unused hard drive space, and the F11 boot prompt is removed. Before calling HP to order the software, have your workstation serial number available. To obtain the support center telephone number for your region: There might be additional CDs you can create, depending on the options purchased.


You also have the option to move CD woorkstation to another location, such as a network share, to be copied to CD at a later time, or from another system. This process can be executed from a DVD, CD, or from the recovery partition on your system hard drive. For instructions on making backup copies of data files, see the operating system or backup utility documentation. HP software The following HP software might be installed on your workstation, depending on the operating system and options purchased: The HP Installer kit includes the HP CDs necessary to complete the installation of all versions of the distribution box set that are supported by HP workstation hardware.


Select your HP workstation model. System management This section describes the various tools and utilities that provide system management for your workstation and includes the following topics: Wkrkstation access the Computer Setup F10 Utility menu: Power on or restart mamual workstation.

If you do not press at the appropriate time, try again. This emulation mode offers the workatation performance and most functionality.

Follow the onscreen instructions to continue the installation process. A setup configuration is model-specific. If source and target workstations are not the same model, file system corruption can result.

By establishing a setup password in the Computer Setup F10 Utility, you can protect the ROM from being inadvertently updated or overwritten. To recover the system after it enters Boot Block recovery mode: If there is media in the diskette or optical drives, remove it. Power off, then power on the workstation. To establish a setup password using the Computer Setup F10 menu: As soon as the computer is powered on, press and hold the key until you enter the Computer Setup F10 Utility.

Press Enter to bypass the title screen, if necessary. If you enter the password incorrectly, a broken key icon appears. After three unsuccessful tries, you must restart the workstation before you can continue. Entering a Setup Password If a setup password has been established on the workstation, you will be prompted to enter it each time you run the Computer Setup F10 Utility.

The power-on and setup passwords can also be changed using the Security options in the Computer Setup F10 Utility. Deleting a power-on or setup password Power on or restart the workstation. To delete the power-on password, go to step 4. To delete the setup password, as soon as the workstation is powered on, press and hold the key until you enter the Computer Setup F10 Utility.

It is only available when hard drives that support the ATA security command set are detected.

DriveLock is intended for HP mxnual for whom data security is a paramount concern. For such customers, the cost of a hard drive and the loss of the data stored on it is inconsequential when compared to the damage that could result from unauthorized access to its contents. Since the initial configuration of DriveLock is typically performed by a system administrator, a master password should be set first. HP encourages system administrators to set a master password whether they plan to enable DriveLock or not.

This gives the administrator the ability to modify DriveLock settings if the drive is locked in the future. In a single drive workstation, if the drive has DriveLock enabled, the workstation might not be able to boot to the operating system, and might try to boot from the network or from ph storage device instead depending on the boot ordering options. Regardless of the outcome of the boot attempts, the drive-locked drive remains inaccessible without the DriveLock password.


HP xw4600 Service And Technical Reference Manual

The side access panel FailSafe key is a specialized tool available from HP. Be sure to order the key from HP in advance so it is available when you need it. If the workstation is connected to a network that is managed by HP Client Manager Software, the computer sends a fault notice to the network management application.

With HP Client Manager Software, you can also remotely schedule diagnostics to automatically run on all managed PCs and create a summary report of failed tests. To change the power button configuration: In Power Options Properties, select the Advanced tab.

In the Power Button section, select Hibernate.

Hibernate must be enabled in the Hibernate tab. After configuring the power button to function as a button, press the power button to put the system in a very low power state. Removal and replacement procedures This chapter describes the removal and replacement procedures for most internal workstation components including the following topics: Observe the following cautions when removing or replacing a processor: Contact an HP authorized reseller or service provider to install the processor.

If you plan to install the processor yourself, read all of the instructions carefully before you begin. HP accessories are for use in HP Workstation products. They have been extensively tested for reliability and are manufactured to high quality standards. Service considerations The following sections describe service considerations that should be reviewed and practiced before removing and replacing any system components.

Grounding the work area To prevent static damage in your work area: Use a wrist strap connected to the work surface, and properly grounded tools and equipment. If an incorrect screw is used during the reassembly process, it can damage the workstation. HP strongly recommends that you keep all screws removed during disassembly with the removed part, and then returned to their proper locations.

Do not use the front bezel as a handle or lifting point when lifting or moving the workstation. Lifting the workstation from the front bezel, or lifting it incorrectly, could cause the workstation to fall, causing possible injury to you, and damage to the workstation.

Batteries, battery packs, and accumulators should not be disposed of with general household waste. Customer Self-Repair Customer Self-Repair enables you to obtain replacement parts and install them yourself on the workstation. For more information, see: Predisassembly procedures Perform the following steps before servicing the workstation: Close all open software applications.

System board components The following figure shows the system board connectors and sockets on the HP xw Workstation. Removing and replacing components This section provides procedures to remove and install hardware components on your workstation.

Before servicing your workstation, review the safety information and precautions in the Service considerations on page 53, and the Safety and Regulatory Information for your workstation.

Read all safety information and precautions.

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