The HP A is capable of making highly accurate measurements. In order to .. you should use manual range to get to the lowest range possible for the. Hp A Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp A User Manual. View and Download HP A user manual online. A Multimeter pdf manual download.

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The selected math operation remains in effect until you disable it, change functions, turn off the power, or perform a remote interface reset.

HP 34401A User Manual

U multiplexer 74HC was replaced as well, but issue was same. In this mode, the multimeter can output readings directly to a printer without being addressed by a bus controller over either HP-IB RS For proper hp4401a, make sure your printer is configured in the listen always mode.

System-related Operations Chapter 3 Features and Functions System-Related Operations System-Related Operations This section gives information on topics such as reading memory, errors, self-test, and front-panel display control.

Chapter 8 Specifications To Calculate Total Measurement Error To Calculate Total Measurement Error Each specification includes correction factors which account for errors present due to operational limitations of the multimeter. When the display is turned off, readings are not sent to the display and all display annunciators except and Shift are disabled. To Rack Mount The Multimeter Page Chapter 5 Error Messages Execution Errors Too bp34401a errors The error queue is full because more than 20 errors have occurred.


Time worklog summary Image Disclaimer Redistribution and use of this article or any images or files referenced in it, in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: Crest factor errors for the HP A are shown in the specifications in chapter 8.

See rear panel for proper fuse rating.

File:HP 34401A User Manual.pdf

Chapter 1 Quick Start To Set the Resolution To Set the Resolution You can set the display resolution to 4or 6 digits either to optimize measurement speed or noise rejection. Chapter 4 Remote Interface Reference Simplified Programming Overview Simplified Programming Overview You can program the multimeter to take measurements from the remote First-time interface using the following simple seven-step sequence.

To reduce the effects of measurement loading errors, you can set the input resistance to greater than 10 G for the mVdc, 1 Vdc, and 10 Vdc ranges.

Trigger Source Choices Chapter 7 Measurement Tutorial Now thinking about possible cause and overvoltage on this rail, I hp3401a 3. Features And Functions HP A Replaced components locations.

Any or all of these conditions can be reported in the questionable data summary bit through hpp34401a enable register. You query the event register using STATus: Removed front panel, to get easier access to mainboard.

This is the easiest way to program the multimeter for measurements. Chapter 4 Remote Interface Reference Simplified Programming Overview If you send two query commands without reading the response from the C a u t i o n first, and then attempt to read the second response, you may receive some data from the first response followed by the complete second response.


You must use the same security code to unsecure the multimeter as was used to secure it, and vice versa. Loading Errors dc Volts The easiest way to program the multimeter for measurements is yp34401a using the MEASure?

File:HP A User – Mindworks

Up to 20 errors can be stored in the queue. SCPI shipped from the factory. Chapter 1 Quick Start Errors In High Resistance Measurements The multimeter uses the line to send a hold-off signal.

Chapter 5 Error Messages Execution Errors Settings conflict This error can be generated in one of the following situations: This means that you can achieve greater actual measurement precision for a specific accuracy specification number. This command does not initiate the measurement. Check to mwnual if you have enclosed the character string in single or double quotes and that the string contains valid characters.

| HP A repair and calibration worklog

Math must be enabled before you can store a value to the Relative Register. Select either the slow or fast mode for each resolution setting.

Input buffer overflow Output buffer overflow Insufficient memory Chapter 3 Features and Functions Measurement Configuration Continuity Threshold Resistance When measuring continuity, the multimeter emits a continuous tone if the measured resistance is less than the threshold resistance.

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