Institute of Vehicle System Technology (FAST), Chair of Mobile .. „ Energiespeicher für mobile Arbeitsmaschinen mit Hybridantrieben,“ in 1. war die Fachtagung Hybridantriebe für mobile Arbeitsmaschinen geboren. Inzwischen findet die 4. Fachtagung statt, die sich heute als anerkanntes Forum im. Mit Strom und Sprit—Entwicklung von Hybridantrieben für mobile Arbeitsmaschinen. In: dSPACE Magazine, 2. dSPACE GmbH, Paderborn. Eckstein, L., Schmitt.

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Thyristor voltage converter in induction electric drives with microprocessor control. SK Free format text: MK Free hyvridantriebe text: Results now show that the proposed driving range estimation method can not only estimate the remaining mileage, but also eliminate the fluctuation of the.

The optimal control law provides transient regimes with minimal energy consumption. The features of relay protection of high-voltage electric motors in composition of the frequency-adjustable electric drive are considered hybrisantriebe the article. Finally, driving range estimation method is carried out under the ECE 15 condition by using the rotary drum test bench, and the experimental results are compared with the estimation results.

Based on author Ion Boldea’s 40 years of experience and the latest research, Linear Electric Machines, Ftand Maglevs Handbook provides a practical and comprehensive resource on the steady improvement in this field.

How do you reduce the energy-wast when driving and loading EV’s – or rather: This popular textbook has been thoroughly revised and updated in the light of these changes.

multimotor electric drive: Topics by

The neural network determines the state of the object as a whole and the number of serviceable work periods for motors actuator. In order fd gain insight into these challenges and barriers, DOE selected a success story i. An electric drive system includes a smoothing capacitor including at least one terminal, a bus bar electrically coupled to the at least one terminal, a thermoelectric device including a first side and a second side positioned opposite the first side, where the first side is thermally coupled to at least one of the at least one terminal and the bus bar, and a cooling element thermally coupled to the second side of the thermoelectric device, where the cooling element dissipates heat from the thermoelectric device.


In particular the study examined the effect of electric drive vehicles on the generation capacity constraints, load curve, arbeitsmascginen border transmission capacity and the type of generating sources renewable Automated complex for research of electric drives control. Efficiency trends in electric machines and drives.

SI Free format text: The article covers a consideration of various state-of-the-art industrial data transfer protocols, e. TR Free format text: It is noted that in moile case no circulating pulsations are applied to the input of the control system, caused by a non-identical interface between the sensor and the shaft of the operating mechanism.

B1 Designated state s: Full Text Available The driving pattern has an important influence on the parameter optimization of the energy wrbeitsmaschinen strategy EMS for hybrid electric vehicles HEVs.

The combination of advanced techniques reduces the learning time and increases the forecasting accuracy. Hybriadntriebe charging of electric drive vehicles in a market environment.

Optimal Charging of Electric Drive Vehicles: Carbon materials are used in designs for lithium-ion batteries and metal-air batteries, both leading contenders for future electric cars.

Country of ref document: Also other systems using non- electrical principles hydraulic or air pressure, mechanical energy storage can be found in current hybridantriee. Full Text Available This article contains a course of work of the construction of a vehicle model that has four electrical motors built into each wheel.

EP2166254A1 – Antriebsstrang in einem Fahrzeug – Google Patents

IS Free format text: Policies and programmes to promote the large scale penetration of energy-efficient technologies and the market transformation are featured in the book, describing the experiences carried out in different parts of the world.

SE Free format text: Working out of mathematical models of the speed-controlled induction electric drives ensuring joint consideration of transformers, motors and loadings, and also matching reducers and transformers, both in static, and in dynamic regimes for the analysis of their operating characteristics. Their pros and cons are analyzed and conclusions made on advisability of the use of each protocol. A Tesla model S has boasted miles. The ranking trend is then compared with the fuel economies achieved after driving the vehicle over respective roads.


The actual electricity consumption of electric vehicles and the source of this power are examined. All versions of electric-drive technology are considered to be environmentally superior to internal combustion engine vehicles. The results show the yearly mileages, as well as the range and cost of batteries and fuel cells, together with their relative impact on the DTCO and on the competitiveness of electric vehicles.

Downhole oil production processes are very energy intensive. In Chaos in Electric Drive Systems: HR Free format text: Part two then focuses on wind and marine applications, beginning with a commercial overview of wind turbine drive systems and a PLFP Year of fee payment: Driving pattern analysis of Nordic region based on the national travel surveys for electric vehicle integration.

Speed Controlled Belt Conveyors: Use of special asynchronous electric drives in mechanical engineering and other industries is relevant.

EP2607294A1 – Mobile Arbeitsmaschine mit Startgenerator – Google Patents

In this emergency mode unconditional reliability is lost. Autonomous excitation circuits of the motors are fed from independent thyristor converters working in the so called MULTIFEX system linked with a supervisory high power converter. This paper describes a novel straight and circular road driving control scheme for electric power assisted wheelchairs.

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