PRELIMINARY NOTE ON THE LIFE HISTORY OF HYMENOLEPIS CARIOCA. By Myrna F. Jones. See allHide authors and affiliations. Science 23 Nov Hymenolepis may refer to: Hymenolepis (plant) · Hymenolepis (tapeworm) · Disambiguation icon. Disambiguation page providing links to articles with similar . 1. Science. Nov 23;68() PRELIMINARY NOTE ON THE LIFE HISTORY OF HYMENOLEPIS CARIOCA. Jones MF. PMID:

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Near the middle of the rostellum the dorsal vessel on each side unites with the ventral vessel so that two closed loops are formed. The cirrus pouch fig. The dorsal and ventral median nerves join the complex fig. hynenolepis

Between the first and second turns of the vas deferens, dorsal to the cirrus pouch, there is an enlargement, the vesicula seminalis figs.

The uterus develops in front of the yolk and shell glands, imme- diately dorsal to the ovary. Upon a priori grounds alone such a division seems exceedingly artificial, and indeed Wolffhiigel 00, 00a has demonstrated by two or three cases that it is false and misleading by reason of the non-correspondence of the superficial characters taken by Cohn to more important internal relations.

Later he found five much smaller specimens of which he gave incomplete descriptions. Brief synopsis in Braun It is covered by a prominent layer of nuclei. From the point of union of each of these eight nerves with the ring, a branch of nerve fibers passes outward over the surface of the adjacent sucker.

A transverse canal connects the ventral canals in the posterior part of each seg- ment. Reconstruc- tions from transverse sections through scolex behind the rostellum. Fibers faintly indicating such a ring are sometimes seen fig. In connection with each commissural ring of the pro- glottis in T. Transverse section through the posterior region of one of the first 35 segments. In the regions where the zones approach one another they are connected by interlacing fibers.


The space between the middle two is filled with a granular mass, and potentially, as well as actually in some cases, these two membranes, by close approximation, constitute but a single envelope. During this portion of the course of the two canals they are connected by numerous smaller vessels which pass at intervals from the dorsal canal forward and outward to the ventral vessel.

In two specimens examined the dorsal limb of the right-hand loop came from the ventral vessel, of the left-hand loop from the dorsal vessel fig. JSTOR helps people discover, use, and build upon a wide range of content through a powerful research and teaching platform, and preserves this content for future generations.

Recherches sur la structure anatomique et histologique des Cestodes. The head is large, 1 mm. It is likely that in many cases in which cilia have been described lining the cuticula-covered inner surface of the 11 i66 B.

Stiles 96 gives a short synopsis of Taenia megalops hynenolepis previous authors, with drawings of a specimen taken from Anas brasiliensis from the collection of the Vienna Museum. My observations agree less closely with those of Tower These two forms are very closely allied, and are much more similar to one another than to H. VI-IX, 9 text figs. Two of the worms were young and immature. Transverse section through anterior region of proglottis.

[1st proof of Hymenolepis carioca in Lower Austria].

They are of the same type as the hooks from the suckers of Davainea Friedbergeri Stiles 96, fig. He gives two figures of detached proglot- tides, and in addition a diagnosis of the form upon the hymmenolepis of its external anatomy. A very thin layer of longitudinal muscle fibers forms its outer boundary. Cirrus pouch and seminal receptacle.



It is therefore questionable whether such a difference is sufficient to separate generically two forms otherwise similar, whose lack of agreement in this regard may be explained as the result of a slight variation, which, although oc- curring but occasionally in one, has become permanent and normal in the other. In anatomical details this form agrees with Jacobi’s description. Surrounding the middle part of the cirrus pouch is a layer of cells figs.

The vasa efferentia fig. Die im zoologischen Museum der Universitat Halle aufgestellten Ein- geweidewiirmer nebst Beobachtungen iiber dieselben. The blade of the largest hooks measures 6 ft to 7.

The worm in question is very slender and delicate. Dorso-ventral fibers are most prominent and numerous in the posterior portion of the proglottis. The main lateral nerves fig. The slender, pointed blade forms an angle of 90 to with the ventral root. Diesing 50, 64 merely adds to the list of hosts. Strobilation begins immediately behind the head, and is very distinct almost from the first, by reason of the deep constrictions between the segments.


We encourage people to read and share the Early Journal Content openly and to tell others that this resource exists. The ventral canal fig. A few dorso-ventral fibers are also found in these regions.

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