Read I, Strahd: The War Against Azalin (Ravenloft #19) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. I, Strahd: The War Against Azalin is a Fantasy . Buy a cheap copy of I, Strahd: The War Against Azalin book by P.N. Elrod. Some of the parchment pages were the color of cream, thick and substantial, made. Strahd rules Barovia with an iron hand, a vampire lord feasting on the blood of his vassals and torn from within by the sins of his past. His aristocratic existence is.

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The War Against Azalin, but the one that stands out the most is that there isn’t a war until the last forty or so pages. What is certain is that by the time he assumed lordship of Darkon, his curse was firmly in place.

He is the Darklord of the domain of Darkon. Azalyn seems like something of an upstart qar me Ingvar rated it really liked it Mar 01, This time around, it is a story of two rivals in an unstable alliance, working together to seek an escape from their shared imprisonment, told across decades.

Ogni dominio ha quindi il suo “Signore Oscuro”, persona o creatura che ha commesso azioni talmente malvagie k attirare l’attenzione delle Potenze Oscure, che governa la propria terra. In the end, this was an interesting book with great concept, well-written dialogue, fun characters and dramatic ending and so I reccomend it to all vampire fans.

The thing is that the instruder, known as Azalin, is of even darker nature than Strahd and eventually the two powerful ind An interesting sequel about Lord Strahd, the great vampire from “Ravenloft”.

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Agaihst his everyday appearance, however, Azalin wae the illusion of a live king, closely mimicking his late-life persona: Here, the exact nature of Azalin’s existence is unclear, on two counts. Like most liches, Azalin is extremely protective of his true name, although whether this is out of any true weakness perhaps to spells such as Trap the Soulwhich ii the true name to be spoken is debatable.

Dec 14, Fred rated it liked it Shelves: Continuing in his insatiable quest for knowledge, he terrorized several local boyars searching for magical texts. There are a few minor problems with I, Strahd: Views Read Edit View history.

The War against Azalin

In this second novel we learn more about how the world of “Ravenloft” formed and how other lands attached itself to Barovia. To view it, click here. May 25, Joel rated it really liked it Shelves: According to King of the Dead, Firan stumbled about Darkon strahr no memory, and did not regain his memory until he defeated Darcalus, whereupon the undead essence merged with his own and made him Azalin once again. No table of contents, but from the dates it looked to be some kind of history.

Azalin comes off as Strahd’s exact opposite. He makes the perfect opposite to Strahd, but instead of the reader hating the character, you find yourself actually liking him. To be that charismatic and likable in written words is an accomplishment that you hardly ever see. Alchemist and Creature respectively.

Ravenloft: I, Strahd : The War Against Azalin by P. N. Elrod (, Paperback) | eBay

LibraryThing recommendations and tag cloud. Il negozio vendeva anche materiali di importazione ed un modulo in particolare attirava sempre la mia attenzione Trivia About I, Strahd: A Barovia infatti si aggiungono altre terre, strappate dalle Nebbie ai loro mondi di appartenenza, ed i loro Signori, il tutto mentre Strahd impara a conoscere i suoi poteri e limiti di Signore Oscuro, alle prese con il potentissimo lich Azalin, in una forzata alleanza che li vede alleati nel tentativo di fuggire dalla loro prigione avvolta nella nebbia.


Oct 24, Travis rated it really liked it Shelves: Azalin then initiated a side project aimed at circumventing his magical curse: The story could have been just set as a diary like “The Vampire Lestat”. As a youth, Firan seems to desire control over others and of himself above all else, although he also is given to angry outbursts and quick decisions which he later comes to regret.

Even into his later lichhood and rulership status, these attributes recur, painting the portrait of a ruler demanding fealty and promising order, but secretly and constantly frustrated by the failings of his fellow men and of himself.

Strahd is involved of course, which is a great plus.

When azaoin two are together it’s a blast. Calling himself Azalin, Strahd realizes that this person may be able to help break the bonds and allow for his escape. Sep 09, Ryan Stewart rated it liked it Shelves:

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