Please keep in mind that your TGMC project will only be recognized as valid, if at least one IBM Software is used in the development of project. List of. Name of Project. Team Leader. Date of submission. 1. Online college Magazine. 26/03/ 2. E-Elcon. 26/03/. Visit to know more about these instructions. Important guidelines for TGMC project submission: • Please.

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Equip your college with the power of cutting edge software from IBM. TGMC Mobile app contest. Faces of Techno India…….

E-learning resource locator Food Safety Portal: The actual presentation went smoothly, in spite of some minor setbacks like an projfct with the projector and the internet connection. About Abhi Abhimanyu rathore. During placement, they clearly prioritize the IBM certified candidates over others.

We learned it, we are living it, and that is what I would like to say to all my juniors and friends:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Lisst email address will not be published. We decided to give it a try and thmc for the competition. Tender management system Voice based Web Browser: A Place where you can find all the tutorials.

We wanted to shed off the dust from experiences of last year, and rise from the ashes, and we wanted our team name to be symbolic of that effort.

Let me start from the beginning…. At that time, it was merely a concept, slowly taking its shape before any actual work could begin. List of Software can be used for Follow these instructions carefully and contact us at e-mail us at tgmc in. Anyway, after anticipation of the first round results for a few months, we were very much excited to see our team names among the teams selected for the Face-to-Face lbm.


Gracing the occasion tvmc Mr. A Truly Inspiring Story. Food Safety Portal Paradarshii- corruption free economy: Our venue was in a little remote location. Get recognized by IBM as a Blue Scholar and be spotted by our business partners and customers as a valued skilled resource. Check us out on Youtube. General instructions for project documentation: Test Case folder for screenshots and test cases 5. Footer links Contact Privacy Terms of use. Documents folder for all your documents 2.

Online grievience redressal system Online picture manager: It is a lesson that every one of us should learn. Include the test priject for which the screenshot was taken.

IBM – Project Praviin – TGMC Results – India

Introductory table of contents Titles and subtitles Proper page numbers Standard font size, style, and color across the documents Document can be created in any one of the standard formats: I explained the security aspects of our project, and how the passwords were being encrypted by our encryption algorithm for added security in prouect the database gets hacked. Be a fan on Facebook. And today, it has been a year, and only a week since the final round results of the contest were announced, and to our extreme delight, we were declared to be amongst the winners!

If you have created Javadocs, submit those as well. Database Concurrency Comparator E-Mandi: We learned it, we are living it, and that is what I would like to say to all my juniors and friends: Bonus marks if applicable in TGMC will be applicable only if the correct project is received by the deadline. E-Mandi Employee Expense management System: IBM will provide their toolkit Disks but it will take time so better download them by own.


It was roughly around 15th September last year when four students from our college had come together and decided to participate in IBM TGMC and test our skills against teams from all over the nation.

Your email address will not be published.

The Great Mind Challenge 2012 – An Exciting Journey

Neelakshi explained to them the overview about the very idea of our project and what problems we intended to solve. Reaching more students across all Indian states received equal consideration while ensuring availability of sufficient certified resources to build competency and capacity. Registration of companies are to be completed only after the registration documents had been successfully verified by authorities such as the Police Department, Income Tax Department, Bank, etc.

Smart Traffic management system Transportation Portal: So was the case with many of my classmates. Igm broad range of resources and support to students, faculty and institutions, aiming to provide skills in open standards by imparting professional training and certification, Project Praviin is critical in a fast-paced and ever-changing IT industry.

Under the parent folder, create the following folders: Smart Traffic management system Transportation Portal: Posted by Abhimanyu rathore rpoject 9: Luckily, we had 3G connection on mobile which served as an alternate. Do not send the same documents in multiple formats 5. The photos of the same will be updated soon. Let me start from the beginning… It was September, Disabling services from getting started on system boot.

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