ICEfaces-EE ACE Components Tag dataExporter. Utility to export data from a datatable as an Excel, PDF, XML or CSV document. This component renders an . GitHub clone of SVN repo / (cloned by ). This repo is not updated anymore. Please. The problem was due to missing the dependency liferay-faceslsvpatch version ga5. It was fixed by adding.

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This value must be unique within the closest parent component that is a naming container. Up to the 4.

I have a datatable with a single ice: Also, one can nest other components or HTML markup inside the data exporter tag to modify the look and feel of the button. Defines a public void method to invoke before the PDF or XLS document is generated, allowing developers to manipulate the document.

The includeHeaders and includeFooters boolean attributes are used to lcefaces whether the column headers and column footers are included in the exported file, respectively. Define a comma separated list of column indexes zero-relative to be excluded from export.

If specifying a custom ‘encoding’ value, it has to be supported by this custom font. The data exporter has three required attributes: Problems exporting column group using ace: This is intended for per-component basic style customizations. If true the dataExporter will ignore the “first” and “rows” properties on the associated dataTable.

This component renders an HTML button element. I’m using these components in a Liferay 6. And it does not remove the files there after Basic request, ifefaces want the Excel table to look like the web page, not the model. Define a character encoding to use.

Source code: Class part of icefaces-ace version 3.1.0

Issue can be recreated by following this path. Default value is ‘Export’. I’ve attached a screenshot. The table has a table header and footer, and each column has it’s own header and footer facets. The error in my tomcat log: Note that index starts with 0. The userColumnOrder attribute is used to specify whether the columns should be exported according to the order established by the user in the client or according to the order in which the columns appear in the facelet.


Hi I have implemented functionality for my. Specifies an object that implements a custom format type to use instead of one of the built-in formats. The DataTable is well rendered in the icefaces view.

dataexporter « IceFaces « JSF Q&A

Icefacex selected rows in the entire table in all pages will be included in the exported file. For us, any value change listener is activated just to set some value in the Backing bean, it refreshes the page and there goes the CSS and other included files on that page. Define the text that will appear on the button to trigger the export.

When used in a browser with a popup blocker icefacss downloading the exported file will require two clicks instead of a single click.

Ocefaces is deprecated as of 1. It must take a single argument of type Object. In order to support exporting files in PDF format, the iText library version 2. When using row expansion in the table, specify whether the child rows should be exported only if the parent row has been expanded by the user. The “activate” event name is now deprecated but treated as an alias for icefzces for backwards compatibility with existing applications. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


Flag indicating whether or not this component should be rendered during Render Response Phaseor processed on any subsequent form submit. Relevant part of my view. I’m using Netbeans 6. If you want to suport the XLSX format, the following libraries have to be in the classpath of your application: If the CSS properties applied with this attribute do not affect the DOM element you want to style, you may need to create a custom theme styleClass for the theme CSS class that targets the particular DOM elements you wish to customize.

The first time I export the datatable it takes all the values correctly but later in the same session I change the data in datatable using my selectOneMenu icefacew the dataexporter generate the excel However, the component’s internal methods and variables can be accessed in this way, including the underlying jQuery object and objects from underlying Javascript libraries if applicableand can be used for whatever purpose a developer might have in mind.

In this case, the label will be rendered before all other components and markup, but only if it was explicitly specified i. When this attribute is specified, the ‘label’ text will be used for the ‘title’ and ‘alt’ text on the image element. If true the label text will be the label of a rendered button, instead of an anchor link. Only Column components, without a rendered Dataexporte child, count towards this indexing scheme.

For the PDF format, this attribute is only applicable if a custom font is also specified via the ‘pdfFont’ attribute, and the encoding has to be supported by such font.

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