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On October 17,InterDigital filed its reply. On February 4,the ALJ denied the motion. Licenses have become idfc based on the payment of fixed amounts or after the payment of royalties for a term. We need to monitor these services adequately in order to ensure that we do not incur significant expenses without generating corresponding revenues.

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On August 23,the parties jointly moved to extend the target date in view of certain outstanding discovery to be provided by the TA Respondents and third parties.

With respect to the first complaint, the court decided that InterDigital had violated the Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law by i making proposals for royalties from Huawei that the court believed were excessive, ii tying 17702 licensing of essential patents to the licensing of non-essential patents, iii requesting as part of its licensing proposals that Huawei provide a grant-back of certain patent rights to InterDigital and iv commencing a USITC action against Huawei 17002 still in discussions with Huawei for a license.

Please download to get full document. Our investments may not be recoverable or may not result in meaningful revenue if a sufficient number of our technologies are not patented and adopted by the relevant standards or if products based on the technologies in which we invest are not widely deployed.

The company also pursues, on occasion, targeted sales of portions of its large and growing patent portfolio as a revenue stream. InterDigital has committed funding to the Signal Trust to help ensure its successful launch, and the company is also the primary beneficiary of the Signal Trust. On June 23,Nokia Corp.


The court further ruled that the royalties to be paid by Huawei for InterDigital’s 2G, 3G and 4G essential Chinese patents under Chinese law should not exceed 0. Potential patent and litigation reform legislation and USPTO and international patent rule changes may affect our investments in research and development and our strategies for patent prosecution, licensing and enforcement and could have a material adverse effect on our licensing business as well as our business as a whole.

InterDigital filed an appeal of this decision on September 26, The ALJ recommended, however, that the effective date of any exclusion order should be delayed by six months. 1720 wireless communications industry has also made significant advances in non-cellular wireless technologies.

On January 14,InterDigital and Huawei filed a stipulation of dismissal of their disputes in this action on account of the confidential settlement agreement mentioned above. Our investments in new commercial initiatives may not generate meaningful revenues.

The ultimate predecessor company of InterDigital, Inc. Many of these technologies are being developed within the scope of the company’s efforts idfc define future generations of wireless including 5G, which is expected to comprise a number of these technologies.


The Federal Circuit granted the motion to dismiss the appeal on July 11, Some of our patent licenses are paid up, requiring no additional payments relating jdcc designated sales under agreed upon conditions. The risks and uncertainties we describe below are not the only ones facing us.

The complaint seeks an exclusion order barring from entry into the United States infringing 3G mobile handsets and components that are imported by or on behalf of Nokia. Huawei sought a schedule for discovery and trial on its FRAND-related counterclaims that would afford Huawei the opportunity to accept a FRAND license rate at the earliest opportunity, and in any case before December 28, Other patent holders do not have the same rights to the inventions and technologies encompassed by our patent portfolio.


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If these costs are not subject to foreign exchange hedging transactions, strengthening currency values in selected regions could adversely affect our near-term operating expenses, investment costs and cash. The 17702 Circuit adopted InterDigital’s interpretation of such claim terms and remanded the case back to the Commission for further proceedings. These attempts, which in some cases could be related to industrial or idxc espionage, include covertly introducing malware to computers and networks and impersonating authorized users, among others.

Further, such modifications may adversely affect our revenue on the sale of products covered by the license prior to modification. On August 8,the Commission determined not to review ifcc ALJ’s Initial Determination granting the motion to terminate the investigation as to the asserted claims of the ‘ patent.

We derive a portion of our revenues from engineering services.

The effect, if any, of any of these transactions and activities on the market price of our common stock will depend in part on market conditions and cannot be ascertained at this time, but any of these activities could adversely affect the market price of our common stock. By initial determination dated June 13,the ALJ granted the motion as to the addition of MMO as a respondent in the investigation but denied the motion as it related to termination of the investigation as to Nokia Corp.

The Federal Circuit heard oral argument on April 4, The high amount of capital required to obtain radio frequency licenses, deploy and expand wireless networks and obtain new subscribers could slow the growth of the wireless communications industry and adversely affect our business. Responsive briefs were filed on January 22,and InterDigital’s reply brief was filed on February 8,

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