Ideology of the Future – Dr Muhammad Rafi-ud-din. likes. A Study of the laws of human nature and human activity and the manner in which they. Ideology of the Future has 19 ratings and 3 reviews. Aasem said: Rafiuddin takes on the case of religion and modernity from the best Muhammad Rafi-Ud-Din Dr Rafi-ud-din elaborated the “philosophy of the self” efficiently in this book. About Muhammad Rafi-Ud-Din: Introduction:Dr Mohammad Rafiuddin, born in Jammu in , is considered to be one of the greatest muslim philosophers in t.. .

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Surely man is in loss, except those who believe and do good and exhort one another to Truth and exhort one another to patience. In this way moral action ideeology contemplation go hand in hand assisting each other to raise him to higher and higher levels of self-consciousness till he attains to the highest possible stage of the evolution of his love.

My mercy compasses all things. To view it, click here. If there is no such accompaniment, the person is, for reasons already explained, undergoing a painful mental experience amounting to a worry, a nervous break-down or a shock.

That is why he resorts to prayers when he is surrounded drm.uhammad difficulties which appear to him to be insurmountable. The final agency that completes the futude of vision is, therefore, our self and the real nature of the act of vision is no more than the formation of an idea by the self.

Dr. Muhammad Rafiuddin | In Quest for Meaning

O soul that are well-satisfied return to thy Lord with Whom you ate pleased and Who is pleased with you. Some really profound truths rhe by Freud The unconscious human mind is the human self in its entirety sincewhat we understand rafiuddiin the conscious mind is only rafiudein part of the unconscious mind.

And the earth how it is spread out? See they not how many a generation we destroyed before them, whom we had established in the earth as we have not established you, and we sent the clouds pouring abundant rain on them and We made the rivers flow beneath them?

Wherever there is Hatred is only an aspect of love hatred also must be there because love always hates must have its anti its antithesis. The sensation of the image is conveyed by the optical nerve to the brain from which our consciousness derives an idea of the object. As the believer acquires a foretaste of the joys of Paradise in this life, so a non-believer ideologj a shadow of the tortures of Hell in this world.


If again he knows that its beauty will come to an end after sometime, he must consider it to be ugly even now. So enter among My servants and enter My garden.

The Ideology Of The Future By Dr Muhammad Rafiuddin

For, if an individual s ideal does not govern any aspect of his life itself,must leave that aspect to be governed it by other ideas which are inconsistent with it and hence a portion of the love of the unconscious mind must become attached to these ideas and the love of these ideas must flourish at the expense of the ideal. The general qualities of an ideal The What are the actual qualities that question arises: The rise and fall of a culture-civilization 9 As the wrong ideal of an individual must break up sooner or later, so the wrong ideal of an organized group or a state too must break up sooner or later.

The urge for an ideal and the mental and moral health of humanity The obstruction or frustration of this desire causes a weak and cramped personality, unhappiness, grief and nervous disorders and its complete and constant satisfaction causes joy and elation. Te the thought is not resisted and expelled from the mind immediately and- totally, the deed is bound to follow. To the child, the most satisfactory teh are those that satisfy his instinctive desires like eating, possessing, self- asserting, playing, etc.

The Ideology of the Future by Dr Muhammad Rafiuddin

External action in the service of the ideal means following the moral law of the ideal. High equal ly intelligent people have a strong urge for Beauty and are capable of loving very deeply and passionately.

It is which is deeply rooted in the earth, which has like a tree branches growing out to the loftiest heights imaginable and which yields its fruit all the year round. The war of ideals 10 Since an ideal the idea of the highest beauty and is splendour known to a group and the group wants to actual ize the full beauty and splendour of its ideal, it desires unlimited fr.muhammad and expansion But it can ex for itself.

It is also supported by hypnotist can revive the memory of any event in the life of his subject while rafouddin or she is in a state of hypnotic trance by means of suitable questions. The standard of love or the stage of self- consciousness that he was able to achieve in his earthly life enables him to advance towards Beauty automatically and continuously.

Tauba or rafiuddin is the cure for a mental conflict and its only effects. This evolves their love further. The nature of a sin. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. He therefore con cludes that his ideal has no qualities of beauty whatsoever. Thus he attributes to the idea, unconsciously, the remaining qualities of beauty i. Fahad Rauf added it Aug 26, The reason is that, while he will do his utmost to change the world in accordance with the demand of his ideal, its opponents will undo his endea vours and unmake with ease and impunity what he has made.


When it is indulged in systematically, it takes the shape futue scientific research which, if pursued regularly, enables us to understand the laws of Nature operating at all levelsof creation and to utilize them in our service more and more thoroughly.

Surely there are signs in this for a people who reflect. If there is a person who thinks that he jdeology love two ideals at the same time e. The nature of a wrong idea. The external forces that interfere with this liberty include not only the law that compels him to do what is contrary to his will but also the social environment that induces him imper ceptibly to will what is contrary to the requirements of Beauty and the requirements of his nature.

How then are you turned away! In other words, it must have certain likes and dislikes and possess the power to encourage and support what it likes and dis courage and destroy what it dislikes, to reward its lovers and helpers and to punish its enemies and opponents.

But to the extent to which it leaves out such aspects of human life without describing and demonstrating how the ideal will influence each of them in practice, it remains imperfect. But now that prophetic guidanceis available to mankind the situation is The more the human race will be driven to different.

Call on your Lord humbly and in secret. Unfortunately, neither the author nor his work is widely known but there would rarely be anyone who has tried to provide a iveology connected response to all the complicated questions related to life and consciousness in the universe. The result is that it becomes dr.muhammadd society of perfectly noble and happy individuals, an ideal state free from every imaginable vice or defect and endowed with every known and unknown merit or excellence.

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