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IEC DETERMINATION OF TRANSFORMER AND REACTOR SOUND LEVELS. IEC Ed. Determination of transformer and reactor sound levels Defines the methods by which the sound levels of transformers, reactors and their. Find the most up-to-date version of IEC at Engineering

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Previous step Select the product you are interested in 1 Next step Send. The Power transformers are located, tests, sign on conform closed electrical and check and take over by professional of manufacture.

Core and windings The core shall be built up of high-grade, non-ageing, low-loss, high permeability, cold-rolled, grain-orientated silicon sheet steel. Transient recording functionality allows storing all signals at the full sampling rate for detailed analysis.

Fans The fans system including two groups Fans control: Terminal and clamp out side used ACSR mm2 connector. Standards The design, manufacturing, materials, testing of the transformers shall comply with Oec Technical Specifications, Special Technical Specifications and with the latest revision of the following IEC publications and Climate condition tropical: Method of neutral system: Current transformer used supervision HV winding temperature arrangement on B phase bushing.

IEC Supervision and cutting devices of low voltages. General requirements for transformer 1. Download our products and projects technical documents.

660551 Replaced By: Thermometers 60551 needle and scale C, It shall be with max needle and with compensation functions. Degree of temperature rise: All equipment accessories shall be sign and guide on operating and maintenance. The fans – motor high speed, low of noise and sign rotation. The cubicle fitted on control room. Please download Chrome or Firefox or view our browser tips.


The math library allows ieec automatically calculate parameters like the ice current, the iron losses, the main inductance for example out of the no-load test or the stray inductances out of the short-circuit tests.

Motor control by signal of top oil kec The thermometer with 4 bands temperature and 4 double contacts normal open The thermometer can be connect display screen remote – Flow oil relay with 01 contact signal trip circuit break. Especially analysis at lower power factors is very difficult with conventional measurement equipment. The fans auto operation starts by top oil temperature and load carrying. HV bushing current transformers – Must be three secondary winding.

Total, transport, core and winding and weight oil. Manuel and auto operation. This covers all the possible tests that you can experience with power transformers, and Dewesoft can cover them all 06551 one single device.

1 Type: Three phases, three windings oil immersed and installation

On load auto regulation voltage provided any characteristic of load. From current clamps to high-precision zero flux current transducers and Rogowsky coils. Cable connecting Cable connected equipment on the transformer shall be provided: The Dewesoft power analyzer redefines analysis and testing process of the power transformer with its unique set of software tools and flexible hardware. The plant shall be conform and supervision in during testing.

You may experience issues viewing eic site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or Founded in to produce distribution transformers, Matelec has grown into a diversified and respected electricity business player working according to international standards. Ice 10 of 19 Auto regulation voltage assembled in remote control cubicle.


Country Slovenia Austria Germany.

IEC /AMD | IEC Webstore

We strive to implement the principles of operational excellence in order to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations for quality, delivery, and service. Our technically skilled team members are dedicated to ensuring every client is well served. The cabinet fitted on the transformer tank. 605551 signal for start from phase B current bushing The radiators shall be provided 60515 sectionalizing valves, to make possible their removal without disturbing the transformer.

The remote control cubicle shall contain: All sections is not carrying electrical, cubicle, frame of equipment must be ie earth terminals. Degree of protection by enclosure: Transformers, Electric reactors, Cooling equipment, Air-cooled systems, Sound intensity, Acoustic measurement, Testing conditions, Noise environmentalMathematical calculations, Documents, Qualification approval.

Local cabinet control and remote control cubicle 8. Search all products by.

BS EN 60551:1993

The clamp assemble and structure shall be of a, non-magnetic type, and shall be effectively insulated and tightened so to ensure an even pressure on the whole core assembly and are not loosened by vibrations caused by transport and operation.

Dewesoft Iiec Edit metadata. Page 7 of 19 – Equipment shall be provided supervision tap changers in times of step by step. 60551 steel shall be of thin laminations, annealed after cutting and rolled, to ensure smooth surfaces at the edges.

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