IMO Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore · Drilling Units, ( MODU CODE). Tags: IMO MODU Code. The MA regulated under of the IMO MODU Code is for overall and close-up inspections and thickness measurements of the unit’s structure. IMO Resolution A(26) – Adopted on 2 December – Code for the Construction and Equipment of. Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, ( MODU.

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2009 MODU Code, 2010 Edition

It should include plans showing the location and extent of application of different grades and strengths of materials, together with a description of the materials and welding mmodu employed, and any other relevant construction information. If this is impracticable, or if lower temperatures are likely to be encountered, consideration should be given to the provision and maintenance of heating arrangements, acceptable to the Administration, so that ready starting will be assured.

These should be located as far apart from each other as is practicable and preferably on opposite sides of the helideck. Surface units should be equipped with an electronic motion-sensing system capable of measuring or calculating the magnitude and rate of pitch roll and heave at the helideck about the true vertical datum. Details of future movements of units should also be passed to national hydrographic offices so that temporary Notices may be promulgated before a unit gets underway.

The Administration may permit counter-flooding as an operational procedure. The rated capacity for each reeving should be included in the operating manual.

The minimum freeboard of units which cannot cde computed by the normal methods laid down by that Protocol should be determined on the basis of meeting the applicable intact stability, damage stability and structural requirements for transit conditions and drilling operations while afloat.

The sides and backs and, where necessary, the fronts of switchboards should be suitably guarded.

Where the recommendations in table differ from the guidance provided by the Organization30, the provisions of table should be followed. An environmental enclosure for the main switchboard, such as may be provided by a machinery control room situated within the main boundaries of the space, is not to be considered as separating the switchboards from the generators.

The information should be referenced in the operating manual, readily identified, located in an easily accessible place on the unit and be cde at all times. Figure — Residual stability for self-elevating units. The Administration may, given special considerations, permit operation from one side of a division only. Upon reactivation of control power, each such valve should remain closed until the ballast control operator assumes control of the reactivated system.


A motion-sensing system display should be located at the aeromobile VHF radiotelephone station provided in accordance with section Where such an opening is in or under a door, the total net area of any such opening or openings should not exceed 0. In every case the Administration concerned should fully guarantee the completeness and efficiency of 2009 design evaluation.

IMO I810E 2009 MODU Code, 2010 Edition

Markings for some helicopters may require special kodu. Lifebuoys with lights and those with lights and smoke signals should be equally distributed along the accessible portions of the perimeter of the unit and should not be the lifebuoys provided with lifelines in compliance with the provisions of paragraph When fitted on board, each door should be checked for proper seating between the bulkhead, the frame and the door.

A pitch indicator should be provided on the navigating bridge for controllable-pitch propellers. Where the control system comprises a hydraulic telemeter, the Administration may waive the provisions for a second independent control system. All control systems essential for the propulsion, control and safety of the unit should be independent or designed such that failure of one system does not degrade the performance of another system. That the life-saving appliances provide for a total number of Where this is not practicable e.

Muster lists should be drawn up in the mio language or languages of the crew.

Endorsement for the advancement of the anniversary date where paragraph 1. Bracing members should also be investigated, where applicable, for combined stresses including local bending stresses cde to buoyancy, wave forces and current forces.

Sign up for our Newsletter. The design should have regard to mpdu used in construction, and to the marine and industrial purposes for which the equipment is intended, the working conditions and the environmental conditions to which it will be subjected. The form of the report should be agreed with the aeronautical service provider. Account should be taken of the free surface of liquids in tanks.

Such air pipes should be positioned outside the extent of damage, as defined in chapter 3. The status lights should be a flashing red light 3 or lightsvisible to the pilot from any direction of approach and on any landing heading. This independent source of power should be used only for this purpose and should have a capacity sufficient for 10 min of continuous operation.


The distribution of these loads in the hull structure should be determined by a method of rational analysis. The minimum clear opening should not be less than mm x mm. Arrangements should be made whereby water in the compartment may find its way to the suction pipes. The effectiveness of the protective coating system should be verified during the life of a unit by the Administration or an organization recognized by the Administration, based on the guidelines developed by the Organization.

The Administration may, however, entrust the inspections and surveys either to surveyors nominated for the purpose or to organizations recognized by it. In the case of a column-stabilized unit this would be the central ballast control station. Geldig vandaag Dit onderwerp bevat de volgende rubrieken.

The Administration may permit windows and sidescuttles outside hazardous areas to be of the opening type.


The facts concerning the intervention should be reported to the Organization. In addition, sufficient lifejackets codde be available for use at remotely located survival craft positions to the satisfaction of the Administration. In no case need the equipment be designed to operate when inclined more than:. Emergency response centre, navigation bridge, engine control room, ballast control station, jacking control station, and a location near the drilling console.

Exposed surfaces of ceilings in accommodation and service spaces and control stations should have low-flame spread characteristics.

A safety system should be provided to ensure that serious malfunction in machinery or boiler operations, which presents an immediate danger, should initiate the automatic shutdown of that part of the plant and that an alarm should be given at the locations determined in accordance with paragraph 8.

The main steering gear and the auxiliary steering gear should be so arranged that a single failure in one of them so far as is reasonable iom practicable will not render the other one inoperative. Mat tanks and spud cans on such units are not to be considered dedicated seawater ballast tanks. Free surface effects of the flooded well or recess should be taken into account in stability calculations.

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