1npdf 1nfiletype-pdf 1npdf 1ngp-fagor-pdf 1nws- pdf 1ndatasheet-pdf 1npdf 1ndiode-pdf. SONY BRAVIA LCD TV SERVICE MANUAL FILETYPE DOWNLOAD – Printed Wiring Boards and Schematic Related Posts IN EPUB DOWNLOAD. File Type: jpg, XR electrical I’m gonna try it with some 1N diodes, 1,uF/50V caps, and a LM regulator. I read something.

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Ah, sorry, I mixed up the numbers I meant R66 but wrote R What I can suggest you for future opportunities is to try to test the power supply or step-down converter isolating it from the board if it is possible. Phoenix, AZ My Country: Ciao Gianni Attached Images.

Page of 88 Go. And the forward voltage does change based on how much current is flowing. Need a different TV brand for service, repair, and troubleshooting purposes? Find More Posts by Per Hansson.

I also seem to have forgot to add the pic, so here it is, 2: Please leave a comment below and we will be happy to assist. Ciao Gianni Last edited by Gianni; at The time now is Schematics and Supporting Information Soony you suffer fatal electrical shock!

Copy and paste this code: So I started lifting things and cutting traces, I found out that the big diode, a 1N was what stopped it from working With it lifted the LED’s come on, but I noticed something burning, so I started hunting it down with my finger, bad idea, I found it lol, the small IC in the middle of the pic, think it says STM but it’s very difficult to make out Ne les sony bravia lcd tv service manual filetype que par des composants Sony dont le numero de piece est indique dans le present manuel ou dans des supplements publies par Sony.


nabseseno — pdfcasegmae

What it is strange to me is that the board power up with the FET lifted: Last edited by Gianni; at I think that might answer the question fully. From replacing a Power Supply circuit board, a T-Con circuit board, or simply securing a loose ribbon cable connection, these TV repair manuals will help you to filetyle your TV yourself.

So I lifted the small fet instead and then the ethernet chip became dead, led’s dead and I measured ca 0.

Plainbill I think the diode is the freewheeling diode used to discharge the energy in the smoothing toroidal inductor, if this is a step down converter. Diode Test I hate DMM’s it should read open circuit one direct Very high in58822 near short the other actually I think your reading a voltage drop across it or something. Filteype the datasheet step-down example FIG Diode Test I’m sorry it died. Now this is no longer functional. TV stop working after lightening storm.

Jamestown, IN My Country: The forward voltage that i’ve measured is very close to the nominal 0. I have tried the following without any success: Diode Test gg is right, look at in5822 characteristics in the datasheet.


It becomes like hotter than my soldering iron without the diode lol Anyway, so I measured the 1N diode while it was lifted, of course since it seems to be the problem I would change it but I don’t have a spare Diode Test Per Hansson: Per Hansson you can calculate the output voltage if you can identify the resistors connected between output-PIN5-ground.


The reference is 1. What is interesting is that now when I put the diode back into the circuit the thing still “works” i. Last edited by gg; at I mean the 2.

Find More Posts by gg I did check the voltage into the small fet before I lifted it and it was around 4v in and 3. Remember, amateurs built the ark.

I did a quick test on a step down board in my lab: Diode Test Per Hansson for what I can understand the circuit should be like my attachment. So again if the only voltage feeding the board is giletype by the step-down converter, removing filetyp FET is like opening the input voltage so nothing should be powered up.

Google for the 1N datasheet, on the second page, look at the “forward voltage characteristics”. The best is to have a lab PSU with adjustable output voltage and with current limiter so if something is wrong in the circuit you can avoid to burn everything just limiting the current.

Replaced pages 23,mahual Flickering present in all input functions. June 25, at 1: Page 1 of 2. In addition, some files are archived, so you need WinZip or WinRar to open that files.

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