Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only once a year. Inazo Nitobe. · Rating details · 4, ratings · reviews. A century ago, when Japan was transforming itself from an isolated feudal society into a modern . Bushido, the Soul of Japan, by Inazo Nitobe, [], full text etext at sacred-texts. com.

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Free unabridged audio recording can be downloaded from Librivox here. I find this book lack of objectivity in overly idealizing Bushido. I like this type of book and really think the author did a busido job with the exceptions noted above. It’s difficult not to get swept up by the author’s enthusiasm and love of his subject.

Bushido, the Soul of Japan by Inazo Nitobe – Free Ebook

Instead, a Westernized utilitarian ethic has emerged, which has no binding principle. I can only admire and be fascinated by how a Japanese author is capable of describing his culture or better, an element of his culture by means of the classic European standards.

On the whole, people have ambivalent feelings about feudal times.

It were a sad thing if a nation’s soul could die so fast. Each of these virtues has a chapter devoted to it Ch. How Nitobe discusses things is clear enough to be understood, even by novice readers. He melds the phylosophies of the east with the phylosophies of the west going back to the Romans and the Greeks. On the other hand, there is a kind of nostalgia about these times because we can’t help but feel that there is a kind of virtue that has been lost.

This book serves as one historic explanation for this difference. They were not only the flower of the nation, but its root as well. May 05, Vivian rated it liked it Shelves: Project Gutenberg offers 58, free ebooks to download. Born before the Meiji Restorationhe brings a Nitobe specifically wrote this book in to comparatively explain bushido to an occidental audience. Written at the turn of the century, Inazo Nitobe’s book is very much a product of its time and tells the modern reader almost as much about the time in which it was written as it does of feudal Japan.


For those who had eyes japwn see, the book heralded a change in the world order. Cliff “It is commonly suggested that Nitobe Og formulated and popularized an idealized version of this martial ethic, which was appropriated and adapted …more “It is commonly suggested that Nitobe Inazo formulated and popularized an idealized version of this martial ethic, which was appropriated and adapted by the Meiji, Taishoand early Showa governments as a ruling ideology that redirected loyalty from feudal lords to the emperor.

Musashi won over 60 duels – often by using his two swords, and a peculiar strategy of arriving late to the scene. The book first introduces bushido as an ethical system, and then it explains the effect that Buddhism, Shintoism, and Confucianism played in the development of this system.

However, there is a strong thf of glorifying Bushido. So with nitobw book, there is a strange mix of explanation and defence. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Nitobe was not from a samurai family but a brilliant educator, writer, diplomat and politician. Bushhido it was a nice read, it doesn’t really tell you anything about Bushido as such. There are times when Bushido: After reading this, you’ll definitely have a much better understanding and appreciation of many aspects of Japanese culture that initially come across as being either senseless or totally barbaric.

The required separation between money and nobility was necessary to maintain a balance between innazo powerful and the rich. The Soul of Japan in Englishin Monterey, Californiathough according to the book’s preface it was written in Malvern, Pennsylvania. One of the most intriguing chapters is the one that deals with seppuku.

Bushido: The Soul of Japan

Chances are that if you’d lived during that time you’d be toiling ceaselessly on the land with no hope of your lot in life ever improving.


Engaging and beautifully written, BUSHIDO is an insider’s look into the foundational beliefs and customs of one of the most mysterious to Westerners cultures on the planet.

If we want to know about Japan, or any other country, we can look it up on the internet in a few moments. This is the first in nitpbe three-part series on Bushido.

This bestseller of the year is an interesting look into, among other things, what an educated person thought other educated people would know, and therefore would bjshido need to be explained. Sorry, but your browser needs Javascript to use this site.

Even don Quijote appears as a common frame to expose how absurd some situations could be. This book delivers the essence of what a Japanese thinks and the historic motivating factors that underlie Japanese culture.

He was married to Mary Patterson Elkinton.

Nitobe makes a point that “Stoicism” is no longer a coherent system of thought, but has been entirely subsumed into a gamut of emotions that one can feel. See, this is the peril of someone who is doing Ph. Had a very academical approach in the way he described the history and etymology of Bushido. It therefore has the result of telling the reader perhaps more about feudal Japanese society and culture than even the author intended. Nitobe Inazo studied in the United States for three years and in Germany for another three years.

Retrieved from ” https: Born before the Meiji Restorationhe brings a syncretic perspective of feudal Japan and modern Japan. Still, slul acts as a sort of winsome time capsule of the better times.

Open Preview See a Sou Until it was published, Western perceptions of Bushidk tended to merge with those of China: Nov 11, JD Estrada rated it liked it.

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