Check out Indifférence (Valse Musette) by Delphine Lemoine on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on 2 showing no care or concern in attitude or action; “indifferent to the sufferings of others”; “indifferent to her “Indifference ” a song in the Valse Musette style. Скачать mp3: “Indifference” Valse Musette, Accordion Solo on the Roland FR 1 . Reine de Walc Musette/French cafe music – Accordion/Akordeon. Все MP3.

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I wanted to ask, what for you makes a great musette performance? A diminutive little lady with great technique, but IMHO she played everything in a manner that did little to inspire. The first time I heard Gus Viseur playing I couldn’t believe it. I noticed that almost without exception they played those first two bars going into two octaves with just three fingers.

I love listening to Jo Privat, Gus Visieur and Tony Murena, but it’s good to hear about other French accordion players from that period. Maurice Larcange, one of France’s most famous and also from Valenciennes with his Belgian basses taught a whole battalion of young French players to play exactly like him.

It seems that players who have gone to a teacher are taught to play and read in fairly strict tempo. Music Game full rules are on the original first post in its thread Doesn’t matter what he plays, that dance tempo was rock solid throughout.

In the days before electric amplification the dancers were dependent on the accordion and drums, if there were any, in order to keep time.

It is probably the most famouse French chanson worldwidely represents Musette style. Wish him a bright future! Jo Privat has to be one of the best things that ever happened to the French accordion.

I had an additional problem that I couldn’t learn off anybody else, until videos started to appear in the late 80s and I picked up quite a bit from them.

Valse Musette style composition of the French musician Maurice. One or two of the top players, most notably Aimable and Verchuren, persisted very successfully with the pure musette sound for many years, but the writing was on the wall for musette tuning in France.


If you are playing a strict tempo Scottish dance tune with the jndifference mega chord intro and exit, or whatever symphony of Beethoven’s you choose to undertake, and you make a mistake, then somebody will surely give you stick for your error. I quickly became a devotee but naturally had no clue whatsoever how he was playing his version of the tunes. Realistic love song recounting the day misette a girl to a seductive, lyrics by Leo Agel and the music of Emile Carrara on a rhythm of waltz.

He was taking tunes like Bourrasque and altering the whole concept of anything I had heard before.

They made a fortune out of playing utter rubbish most of the time, but boy could they play those accordions when the fancy took them! Jo Morage played a more “music teacher” style and you’ll see his pinky working overtime in this composition by Gus Viseur. For me, a musical idiot with no time to practice, I would still find it hard. I used to subscribe to a French accordion magazine and in an article about Gus Viseur they described his style as very unorthodox.

Same thing for a 3rd bass row with minor thirds.

[PDF] Indifference – Valse Musette – Spartito – Free Download PDF

I went off the pur musette which I actually didn’t find all that easy to play. Things started to fall into place after that. I had been trying to play Indifference with 5 fingers for years, and kept hitting two buttons at once. A very impressive piece composed in French Musette style by Tan Jialiang, a renowned young generation Chinese accordionist the Winner of Primus Ikaalinen I remember reading Ferrero’s method book and his rebuke about the 4th row.

Now, there is some debate in France as to whether the accordion was actually invented in jndifference Auvergne or in Italy. The musette is actually a type of bagpipe used in French folk music, and is a term also used in the French language to refer to a small rucksack, usually worn by military personnel.


No registered users and 0 guests. Romantice feeling automatically comes out from movements of reeds. Their style is ever so slightly different like their different musette tuning, which is muaette of that standard “North European” variety.

Indifference – Valse Musette – Spartito

Dance of Maple Leaf. In earlier times the three voice musette accordion tuning was deemed necessary to “cut through” the background noise made at dance halls and guingettes, as their outdoor version was to be named. The historical material is very interesting, vlase you.

Hard to say perhaps but I museette interested in what you thought. After I realised that Verchuren and Edouard Duleu played B system boxes I stopped watching them and concentrated on the C system players. Both of them just played tunes in their own style regardless of how they were written.

Jo Courtin was once Edith Piaf’s accordionist. However, these days following a hand injury indfiference slight loss of flexibility, I’m finding that my thumb is coming more and more back into use. On that score I think she may have been correct.

They are able to play with a more legato tone when needed, and have a greater fluency and range.

I’ll try to answer your question indifferencs what I think constitutes a good performance, naming players and my reasons for liking them. A very pleasant guy, but he had an awkward style that was difficult to copy.

After one or two false starts I decided that Ferrero’s method was the best, although it took mussette long time compared to the other methods I tried that were really only intros to CBA.

However, we are still in pre-amplification days and a strong musette tuning was to continue for some time. Also, my fingers were better placed for playing French accordion.

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