Dive deep into Albert Speer’s Infiltration with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. Inside Himmler by Walter Laqueur Published: October 4, INFILTRATION By Albert Speer. Translated by Joachim Neugroschel. pp. New York. Berthold Konrad Hermann Albert Speer was a German architect who was, for most of World He wrote a third book, Infiltration, about the SS. Speer died of a.

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Translated by Joachim Neugroschel. Books by Albert Speer.

Much of the controversy over Speer’s knowledge of the Holocaust has centered on his presence at the Posen Conference on October 6,at which Himmler gave a speech detailing the ongoing Holocaust to Nazi leaders.

Consumer goods were still being produced at nearly as high a level as during peacetime. Speer maintained at Nuremberg and in his memoirs that he had no knowledge of the Holocaust.

No department head could be older than 55—anyone older being susceptible to “routine and arrogance” [63] —and no deputy older than If I had occupied a different position, to what extent would I have ordered atrocities if Hitler had told me to do so?


Using this order, Speer worked to persuade generals albertt Gauleiters to circumvent the Nero Decree and avoid needless sacrifice of personnel and destruction of industry that would be needed after the war. Speer was Adolf Hitler’s chief architect before assuming ministerial office. Hitler appointed Speer, whose work for Goebbels had impressed him, to manage the building site for Troost.

All I wanted was for this great man to dominate the globe.

INFILTRATION: The SS and German Armament by Albert Speer | Kirkus Reviews

Speer supported the German invasion of Poland infiltratkon subsequent warthough he recognized that it would lead to the postponement, infiltratikn the least, of his architectural dreams. David rated it it was infiltfation Mar 31, Speer was under significant psychological pressure during this period of his life.


Speer died of a stroke in while visiting London. Speer also made plans to reconstruct Berlin on a grand scale, with huge buildings, wide boulevards, and a reorganized transportation system. The army and the Armaments Ministry wanted to keep the Jews as laborers – not out of philo-Semitism, but because Jews were excellent workers, and the Third Reich faced serious manpower shortages during the war. Despite repeated attempts to gain early release, he served his full sentence, most of it at Spandau Prison in West Berlin.

His level of involvement in the persecution of the Jews and his level of knowledge of the Holocaust remain matters of dispute.

Anniina rated it really liked it Dec 06, Infiltration by Albert Speer. Stephan rated it liked it Sep 16, Views Read Edit View history. Too many historians have been far too uncritical in the acceptance of Speer’s rhetoric of rationalization, efficiency and productivism. Want to Read saving….

Albert Speer – Wikipedia

Factories were given autonomy, or as Speer put it, “self-responsibility”, and each factory concentrated on a single product. Ultimately, the very existence of the Jews was at stake. According to Speerthe Fuhrer even opposed the tommy gun because he said it made soldiers cowardly, and close combat impossible.

In spite of these losses, German production of tanks more than doubled inproduction of planes increased by 80 percent, and production time for Kriegsmarine ‘s submarines was reduced from one year to two months.

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Albert Speer

Toni J Beacock rated it it was amazing Dec 17, The organizers of the Nuremberg Rally asked Speer to submit infi,tration for the rally, bringing him into contact with Hitler for the first time. Such ruins would be a testament to the greatness of Nazi Germany, just as ancient Greek or Roman ruins were symbols of the greatness of those civilizations. Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk.


Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. It goes to the very heart of Speer’s ideological vision of the war economy, as a limitless flow of output released by energetic leadership and technological genius. If Himmler wanted to engage in one of his bizarre schemes, such as mass-producing high-octane gas from firtree roots or geraniums, Hitler was unlikely to interfere. Minister for the Occupied Eastern Territories. The view of Speer as an unpolitical “miracle man” is challenged by Columbia historian Adam Tooze.

Karl Swenson rated it it was ok Aug 29, Judith rated it really liked it Aug 21, Speer set out to tell the story of German armaments in World War II and in his research stumbled across the records of the SS for the period. Shirerwrote that, compared to his codefendants, Speer “made the most straightforward impression of all and Speer later insisted that he had tried to save some Jews from camps by using them in the armaments industry.

Although intended to function for only six months, already in late May Speer and Milch discussed with Goring the possibility of centralising all of Germany’s arms manufacturing under a similar task force.

Shortly after Hitler had come into power, he had started to make plans to rebuild the chancellery. Nazism outside of Germany.

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